the heatpocalypse has come to town

Yep, this is how you know there is a heat wave in NYC…on Foursquare, “Heatpocalypse NYC” is swarming or trending or whatever.

The mercury’s been in the 90’s or higher all week, which of course makes running not as much fun.  But I’ve dealt with it, so far…Monday was a recovery run from this past weekend’s activities, and I was smart enough to run along the West Side Highway…besides the fact I was desperately craving a flat surface, I figured running along the water would make things a little cooler.  Which it did…run went fine, plus I ran into a friend I hadn’t seen in awhile so we caught up over a coupla miles…which was cool!

Tuesday was track workout time, and us gals were emailing back and forth as one was a little concerned about the heat and wanted to know if the rest of us were going…my thoughts were “I was still planning on going…if I raced in this heat last Tuesday, I should be able to handle a track workout…Hopefully it will cool down a little by 7:30, and I’m hoping target times/paces will be heat-adjusted? 🙂 ”  And it did feel a little cooler by the time the workout started (or is Williamsburg just cooler/colder than Manhattan?  I noticed that during the colder months too…)  We had been teased with the prospect of 1200s for weeks…this time the coaches delivered.  Though thankfully only one-but we had to follow up with a 1000, and 800, a 400 and a “surprise” at the end.  I thought the coaches were gonna make my target splits more aggressive, given my PR the past weekend, but the targets remained the same…maybe that was heat-adjusted? 🙂  I was also a little concerned about if I had recovered or not from the weekend, but as we got going, the workout went fine…came in a little ahead of the targets for the first 3!  The 400 was a little fast, but I had a feeling everyone was gonna blow that one out.  The “surprise”?  An all-out 200.

Interval Target Time Pace
1200m 5:00 4:57.75 6:39.32
1000m 4:10 4:09.62 6:41.72
800m 3:20 3:16.52 6:35.34
400m 1:40 1:32.00 6:10.15
200m fast as I can! 0:41.54 5:34.26

Like whoaaaaa!!  Especially that last one.  And I’ll admit to being a little nervous about that target time for the 1200.  If you remember last summer, when doing four all-out 1200s, my target was pretty similar.  And this time, I had to leave something in the tank to complete the rest of the workout.  But here is a situation where I think doing intervals on a track are much better than a measured stretch of road…having intermediate splits makes pacing much better (and I was pacing pretty well for the entire workout.)  All in all, not bad for a hot and sticky nite at the track…

So tonite? I don’t know what the exact workout is yet, all I know is it’s gonna be a scorcher…or maybe not, the mercury may make it below 90 by the time we get going 🙂 But I’ve done this all before…all I can do is be smart, adjust if necessary, etc. And will also have to keep that in mind on Saturday when paceleading for 16 miles at the LTR

Oh, and the only pictorial memory I have from my great race Saturday…

they can't all be smiles and sunshine.


One thought on “the heatpocalypse has come to town

  1. Nice speed workout! Training is going very well for you. And there is plenty of sunshine in that piccy 😉

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