week 2 wrap-up

So, 2 weeks down in my quest towards the NYC Marathon.  So far, so good, but I am keeping in the back of my mind that it’s still early and anything can happen in the next 16 weeks…

So obviously I did some other running besides those races on Tuesday and Saturday

Wednesday was just meant to be a chill recovery 5.  Since I wanted to sneak in a yoga class too, I decided to do what I’ve done before-run uptown on the West Side Highway to get to the NYSC.  Great idea in theory, however about 2.5 miles in I felt what at first I thought was maybe the waters of the Hudson River being blown sideways (was very windy!) but soon enough it turned into an all-out downpour, complete with hail.  But the fortuitous part was that I was not far from the gym at all…so what do I do?  Get to the gym and finish my run there…drenched and all.

Thursday was hills, and me and others who were racing on Saturday got let off the hook a coupla repeats early…I just focused on form…

Sunday was long run day, and I had 15 on the agenda.  The Flyers were having an organized long run up at Van Cortlandt Park, so I decided to join in on that.  I’ve only run in VCP once before, around 5 years ago…and took a tumble on the trail.  So obviously I was hoping to stay vertical this time!!  However-I underestimated how much a hard race effort can take out of me.  That plus I got my first taste of the hills on the XC course…oh boy, those were so not a good idea.  I opted for loops of the flats instead of a 2nd hilly loop…but that was right in the sun and the heat was definitely getting to me.  Coach T ran with me for the last 6 miles on the flat trail portion which was much better…being shaded, plus downing a bottle of Gatorade faster than a shot helped too.  Wouldn’t you know it, I almost took a fall on the trail again!!  However, I managed to stay upright…maybe all the dodging the soccer balls at the track helped my reflexes? 🙂  However, I think VCP and I really don’t mix…

I wound up with 11 and change, and Coach T gave me the blessing to cut this one short, given the race effort the day before.  You know I don’t like cutting long runs short, but it’s still early in the going, and I can just chalk this past week up as more of a “quality” week than a “quantity” week.  Maybe that’s a sign that I’m actually maturing as a runner…a few years ago I’d be panicking if I had to cut a long run short, now I’m actually OK with it.

Another week in the books.  This week looks to be a battle against Mother Nature, as every day (including planned long run day!) looks to be a scorcher.  But I raced decently in the heat…and actually had a good track workout today (to come in another post)…maybe I actually am acclimating?


One thought on “week 2 wrap-up

  1. Enjoyed your posts. I ran Chicago in 2006 and I’m running NYC too. I ran a marathon in December, 3:42 although the course, Sacramento was net downhill and the conditions almost perfect. I ran Chicago the year it took place a couple of weeks later than usual as it always seems to be too warm for peak marathoning. Good luck with your training and I’m sure you have a lot of great races ahead of you.


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