topless tempo. tough.

OK, I couldn’t resist the title, and I’m sure some people being, uh…creative in what it means.  I mean yeah, I’ve run around Central Park in my underwear once…maybe twice?  But do you really think that I’m that much of an exhibitionist that I’d run around Central Park shirtless? 😉

So with an air quality warning in effect and the warnings telling everyone to stay indoors, what do I do?  head to the park to run some tempo intervals.  And though it wasn’t that bad warming up, I still chucked my singlet before the actual tempo part, leaving just the sports bra on…and a coupla others did the same (as well as one of the male members of our group taking the last interval shirtless.)  Hence this being a “topless tempo” 😛

And as for me, smart I was not.

Time Distance Avg Pace
5:17 0.73 7:15
5:31 0.74 7:29
5:37 0.73 7:43
5:39 0.73 7:43

Being told to keep it in the high 5:20’s, obviously I went out way too fast, especially given the conditions.  The second one I had to pull back a little bit…still OK, but the second half I started to lose it-feeling kinda light-headed after the 3rd interval and during the last one.  I finished, but it definitely was not pretty.  And even walking home, I sorta felt chills…amazing the difference from feeling like a million bucks on Tuesday.

Onward!  To the weekend…


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