just short of a perfect six-pack

Wow looky looky here, me posting with less than a week delay… 🙂

So last nite was my first official speed workout of NYCM training, and was the usual Tuesday at the track.  Yep, you may remember in the past, track workouts were more of an occasional treat.  Now, thanks to a new group and new coach I’ve joined up with this year, tracky Tuesdays are a regular thing and I love it!!  Just something that feels so different about doing intervals on a track as opposed to a measured route in Central Park.  Yeah, the turns/loops on the track may slow things down just a tiny bit as opposed to a point-to-point interval, but I kinda like this better…sort of helps my pacing in a way, not to mention a finishing kick (helped at the Mini 10K!).  Worth trekking to Brooklyn for!!  Yep, I know what you’re all gonna say.  “OMG!!  Brooklyn?  It’s sooooo far!  You need a passport to get there!!  What if you get lost and never find your way back across the river?” 😛  Not so!  First stop in Brooklyn off the L train, can’t get more convenient than that.  If anything, it was more of a trek to get to the East 6th St and Riverbank Park tracks!  Not to mention Engineer’s Gate on occasion…

So last nite was a simple 6 x 800m workout.  My mission, should I choose to accept it, is to hit 3:20’s or a little better.  Which I have been able to do in a previous workout, but last nite was kinda steamy out and obviously that time was not heat & humidity adjusted.  But let’s just check it out and see, right?

And I was on track (no pun intended) through the first 3, even the splits called out at each 200m mark told me I was pacing perfectly (one thing I love about having 3:20 as my target is that the intermediate splits are so easy to remember…0:50, 1:40, 2:30)

But for #4, the issue that always seems to show up at every NYC track made itself present…people in lane 1 that shouldn’t be there!!  In this case, bikers (even though there are signs that say no bikers…no one seems to enforce it!)  There was one that forced me and the other girl I was running with into lane 3 or 4 in the first 200…sorta disrupted our rhythm and cost us a few seconds.  Tried to make up for lost time, only to be forced into the outer lane once again with about 200 to go by not only a bike, but someone throwing a soccer ball.  The coach told us that he could tell that the effort was there, though the time for that split didn’t show it :-\

So 2 to go and hoping to bring the times down.  And what mentally went through my head during #5…thoughts of “well this is my track too…I can still salvage this workout…and run some kickass splits…because I can!”  The 400m split showed things were moving in the right direction, and I held it for the 2nd loop.  Last one, and made it my best (I think possibly the fastest 800m I’ve ever run!)

The damage was as follows:

Interval Time Pace
1 3:18.63 6:39.58
2 3:19.17 6:40.67
3 3:20.29 6:42.92
4 3:24.10 6:50.58
5 3:18.90 6:40.12
6 3:15.00 6:32.28

Overall I was pleased, but damn wonder what could have been with #4…hence this workout being “one short of a perfect six-pack!” 🙂


2 thoughts on “just short of a perfect six-pack

  1. Nice work! Question (since I’m about to start marathon training myself): how long were your slow intervals between those fast 800s: one 400 lap, or some fixed amount of time? Either way, impressive work there, Flygirl.

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