that race i may have signed up for

Well, with fall marathon training season already underway and in full swing, guess I need to sorta officially reveal my plans 🙂  And yes, my plans have been in the works…for almost 3 months already 😉

Still guessing what I signed up for? Can’t figure it out? I can show you better than I can tell you 😉

So November 6th…I’ll be toeing the line of the NYC Marathon for the 3rd time.  After having traveled elsewhere for my last 2 marathon attempts, there is something calming about being “home.”  And yes, I do intend to chase a BQ time of sorts…actual time goal still TBD.

And on the topic of that…I’m sure some of you are wondering why I chose NYC as opposed to a flatter marathon.  Believe me, I did put a bit of thought into it…and here is what I came up with.

  • Home field advantage.  No having to deal with plane rides and hotel rooms, can just sleep in my own bed the night before.  Yeah, I know there’s the issue of waiting on Staten Island, but I’m a seasoned pro at it by now 😉
  • Another aspect of the home-field advantage…practicing on the course.  I can run Queensboro Bridge and 5th Ave repeats til I make them both my BFFs.
  • I like the bigger marathons.  I thrive on crowd support.  And especially this one, knowing that there will be friends/family in almost every borough cheering me on.
  • And it’s not like I’ve never tried to run an easier marathon.  I have.  Twice.  And neither of them resulted in the race I trained for, the race I wanted.  That magic has only happened in New York.

So 18 weeks to go and lotsa miles to run.  This time around I’m getting help from a coach-as I mentioned before I know I can’t really go about it on my own when it comes to pushing the envelope to get me those few minutes or more and still avoid what happened 2 years ago.  So something new for this time around as well.

And yes-there will be some racing inbetween…right now consisting of my usual lineup of a 5K in Hoboken this month, the Club Champs 5-miler in August, and the Rock ‘n Roll Philly Half (the latter being another reason why i wanted to go for a November marathon-I was a little bummed I couldn’t do the half in Philly last year, as it was way too close to Chi-town, date-wise!)

Not sure how often I will be blogging about training…yep, I do intend to write more than I have been, but not sure how much free time I will have.  Maybe I’ll do weekly updates or something like that.  We’ll see as the summer goes on.

So.  NYC.  You ready for me???


3 thoughts on “that race i may have signed up for

  1. See you on 11/6 🙂 …. well, not really since you are MUCH faster than me! Good luck with your training!

  2. excited to hear you are in! sleeping in your bed night before a race is the best! A girlfriend is moving to NYC and might be running it also.

    I’m Sarah in Berkeley, have commented a couple times before over the past couple years. I am about to start a blog and have a quick question for you. have you been happy with wordpress? I’m weighing wordpress v. blogger. I think its cool that blogger has free domain name mapping. but am curious as to why you switched to wordpress. thanks for your thoughts!

    • of course i remember you-glad you will be joining the blogging crowds too! 🙂

      basically the reason why I made the switch is because there seemed to be more flexibility with the layouts/designs, can create pages (e.g., I can have a page for all my race reports instead of cluttering up the sidebar, or having to create a post dated way way in the past), and was more stable than Blogger. Only drawback is that you can’t have any javascript widgets, but that’s been a limitation I’m OK with. I’ve been pretty happy with it so far!

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