brooklyn half=major fail

title says it all-did not go well at all…several minutes off my goal, major disappointment.

Report will eventually come…still trying to process things.

But since a picture tells a thousand words, here’s a picture of my splits (vs. last year…you can see the “fail” loud and clear!)


2 thoughts on “brooklyn half=major fail

  1. first up yes you looked amazing in that scottish outfit.

    Now don’t be sad about the Brooklyn time, look at it as a marathon training race, I see by your splits that you might have been slower than last year, but you were strong at the end. So your fitness is there, it’s just the speed we need to get back, so it is back to the track for you…

    Good luck

    • I don’t know…I looked at the numbers and I did have more mileage and speedwork done vs. this time last year (as I will elaborate)…and not sure where I was strong at the end, as the splits showed a total collapse? It’s not so much the bad race, but not knowing why it happened…

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