and back to the present…

well, maybe just for now.

did ya know I had a race this weekend?  oh yeah I do.  want a hint as to what it is?

yay for tech shirt!

sooo yeah.  the brooklyn half is to be what will hopefully be the bright spot in an otherwise lackluster 2011 racing season so far*.  I had a good day last year, hoping history may repeat itself?  I do have a coupla numbers in mind but don’t want to say anything as of yet.  (yeah, I have been actually training…sorta on the down low 🙂 )  I have a feeling that I’ll know in the first coupla miles what kind of a day it’s gonna be.  Or maybe the faster I run, the faster I can party at Beer Island afterwards 🙂

and I swear, this one has to be the most in-demand race so far this year…crazy!!  sold out in 2 days!!  I guess partially because it was made a club points race this year, and others using it to get NYC Half guaranteed entry…had a feeling it was gonna sell out in record time!

*Oh and about that lackluster 2011 racing season?  Consisted of the following:

  • A very low-key 5K in Riverside Park in February where I put up my slowest 5K time in a very long time.  On the other hand, there was ice on the course, forcing slowdowns at some points…and who even knows if the course was accurate.
  • The Cherry Tree relay.  Finally got a Flyer team this year!!  The “New York Flyer Gurls” did very well, no thanks to me as I was definitely the weak link…barely breaking an 8-minute pace on my leg while the total 10-mile time for the 3 of us was just under 1:16…you can tell who stepped up to the plate and it definitely was not me!
  • The Scotland Run 10K-little better (48:44) but still weaker than last year’s time.  At least the outfit looked and good and NYRR seemed to agree, as they put it in their local gallery.

the skirt. gets 'em every time.

Guess there’s nowhere to go but up from here?


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