(yeah I know I promised a real post a coupla weeks ago…life-aka work-got in the way…when it rains it pours!)

So I know an assessment about this is long (maybe 3 months?) overdue, but there are those who were wondering my reaction to the new and improved BQ standards.  (I’ll refrain from recapping it as I know it’s been all over the place and besides all you can do to see the deets is click that link!)

In terms of the standards, I know something had to be done so I totally accept they are what they are and honestly, could have been a helluva lot worse.  My only issue with 2012 is the early registration-i.e., September vs. October.  I guess I was sorta hoping for a chance at it with an early October marathon…but I guess this was done to make sure that no fall marathon had an advantage over the other (meaning later fall marathons like Philly previously getting screwed.)  So all in all-my fate for 2012 is out of my hands.  All I can do is cross my fingers and hope for the best, that at the end of the day, BQ-2:53 will make it in.

So any work done will be towards 2013 and beyond.  And now, just as the BAA giveth me 5 minutes, they have been taketh away 🙂  And then some.  So the 3:40 that I had been chasing for years is still the carrot, and possibly an extra 5-10 minutes on top of that (will have to see how things net out with the 2012 rolling registration.) 

Now.  My issue is not so much with the standard changes.  But moreso with reactions from others that “it’s so easy, anyone can do it, all you have to do is run faster.”  Or that I need to “just get out there and run a 3:40” like it’s totally second nature.  I feel those kinds of comments are insulting-not just to those who haven’t gotten there after lots of hard work, but those who did get there and it wasn’t “so easy” for them.

Do I want it?  Hells yeah.  Can I?  I don’t know.  As I learned the hard way in 2009-that the human body has limitations.

(Sorry to those who are tired of hearing this story, but obviously I have to repeat it as too many people can’t be bothered to read beyond the front page without judging me…)

So I deemed my fall marathon in 2009 (MCM) to be the one where I’d get my 3:40.  I trained hard.  And it was paying off.  To the point where 3:40 was not only realistic, but setting the bar too low.  I wasn’t gonna go for anything crazy like 3:30, but it was good to know there just may have been a buffer if need be.  Then IT band issues hit during the taper.  My body had had enough and even reduced mileage and physical therapy didn’t nip the problem in the bud.  I did give it a shot on race day, but the ITB gave out during mile 21-to the point where I couldn’t walk, or even bend my leg without being in excruciating pain.

So I recovered and planned to try again last year in Chicago.  But I always felt I had to hold back just a little bit in training in order to prevent an ITB relapse.  Even though I was happy on race day, and a few days after, now…I have mixed feelings about my Chicago result.  I missed the 3:40, though I did earn a PR and an “old lady” (aka 35-39) BQ and finished, injury-free.

And I’m gonna try again this fall.  Like I said-the issue is not that I don’t want it enough.  Believe me I do.  But it’s going to be tricky, trying to improve while having to work with my body’s limitations.  I think 2009 shows that I’m willing to put in the work.  It’s just up to my body to be able to hold up through 4 months of training-and I feel that, more than anything, is really the unknown factor at this point.

That said-I do hope things work out, and I do hope I get there, be it 2012 or 2013.  I actually went up to Boston to spectate this year’s marathon (another post to come on that) and had a great time.  Just something I’d love to be part of…someday!


4 thoughts on “limitations

  1. I think this year will be YOUR year and this NYCM will be YOUR NYCM! You will run YOUR race and take YOUR place at the starting line in Hopkinton! I have faith in you. Just don’t let past experiences temper your enthusiasm. Learn from them but don’t let them hold you back!

    One final point – No one says it’s EASY. If it was, it wouldn’t be worth much!

  2. I also got injured this time around the last two weeks with a calf tear. Its really hard to find a balance. I know you are ready for an amazing race this year and can BQ in a big way 🙂

    • I still don’t know how you did it with the torn calf! (maybe the rainbow brite calf sleeves helped? 🙂 ) i was out of commission a few years back with jus a calf strain…

      as for BQing in a big way-i dunno. the bar has been raised much higher now!

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