the many categories of nyc marathon applicants

(there will be a real post coming soon, I swear.  just couldn’t resist this one.)

Sooooo today was the running event of the year.  What is that?  The NYC Marathon lottery.  I am not gonna comment on how NYRR may or may not have handled the actual lottery notification process, just visit NYRR’s Facebook page to get opinions up the wazoo.  But I did notice that everyone fell into at least one distinct category.  What would they be?  Glad you asked…

The accepted.

  • “OMG!  OMG!  I’m in!  I’m in!  OMG I need to go train!  There’s only 192 days to go!”
  • This, my friends, is why Central Park always seems like it’s more mad crowded than usual on NYCM lottery results day.  (Thankfully today was a scheduled XT day for me and I could avoid the park! 🙂 )

The rejected and angry.

  • “It’s sooooo unfair!!  NYRR sux!  They hate all New Yorkers and are only about making money!”

The rejected and taking it in stride, local version.

  • “Damn.  Didn’t get in.  Guess it’s Chicago/MCM/Philly/Hartford/other fall marathon for me.  Or I can go the charity route!  I wonder how I’d look in a lime green singlet 🙂 ” (props to you, TFK)
  • “Next year with the 9 + 1…hmmm how many more races do I have to go?  Will I get my 9 by the Brooklyn Half?”

The rejected and taking it in stride, non-local version.

  • “Damn.  Didn’t get in.  But I only need to be rejected N more times and then I’m in like Flynn!”

The oh-so-smug already in via guaranteed entry.

(This would sorta be the category I’m in, except I was not smug at all, I swear 😉 )

Those who forgot to even register!

  • “Oh f*ck!  I didn’t get in because I totally forgot to register!!  Annnd I even had my 9 + 1 in my last April!”
  • (yes this has actually  happened before.  maybe said people didn’t have their 9 + 1 in the first trimester of the year, but they were guaranteed in some way and for one reason or another, didn’t claim it in time…)

Any categories I’m missing?  Leave them in the comments below!

More to come soon!


7 thoughts on “the many categories of nyc marathon applicants

  1. Love the categories! So true 🙂 I’m IN through charity but I made that decision a week after I registered for the lottery. This will be my first marathon and I’m hoping it lives up to all the “hype” 🙂

  2. See you there this year NYFG! Uber excited for the race. When your race plan comes together drop me a line – would be interested to talk strategy with a local!

    • Yes, definitely happy to give you some helpful tips from a NYCM semi-veteran 🙂 I ran it in 2006 and 2008, so definitely check out my race recaps, they may be of some help!

      As for me, oh definitely looking forward to training runs over the Queensboro Bridge again…hehe.

  3. Yes I’m mad, be I’ve missed you, so it is good to have you back. Now you had better use this summer to hit the roads and get fit for NYCM. Next week i start my 7 week build up to my marathon…

    ps love the post

  4. Yay! You’re doing new York!! That’s great. And hilarious commentary on the reactions 😉

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