well that happened…

what did?  January.  And I guess February too.

Quick post to say that I’m alive but hadn’t had much blogging mojo in the last coupla months.  Basically just not a lot to write about.  2011 has been quite a letdown so far in many ways, and that includes running.  Long story short-I slacked off after Chicago and am still paying the price now.  And writing about slogging out slow miles is not exactly the best blog post material.  (Don’t even get me started about this endless winter…)

I’m sure some are curious about my thoughts about a certain race in April and without going in depth, I will say I saw it coming 26.2 miles away so in a way I am not surprised.  I do have my opinions, but am a bit hesitant to write about them (even though said opinions do not include the words “it’s so unfair.”)  During the last month or so, I’ve learned that maybe it’s best to just keep my opinions to myself…they just get me in trouble.

Back on extended leave.  Talk to you all next month?


8 thoughts on “well that happened…

  1. It’s difficult to find motivation during the winter months… I know, I find myself in the same boat. It isn’t easy getting out the door in the snow, cold, wind chills. A break may be the best thing for you

  2. Hopefully you just need some time to recharge and you’ll catch the running bug again when the weather warms up!

  3. Blogging is less fun without races to write about. No worries of taking a brake from writing. We are so close to spring and Boston, it’s right around the corner!

  4. Good to hear you are alive and don’t worry about April it will come and it will go, just keep writing, even if it just once a week…

  5. Your blog doesn’t have to be all about running? We’ll read whatever you want to write!


  7. No it is time you pulled yourself together and said, Dam Boston I’ll show you and run a 3h30 marathon. I bet you can, but the question is do you want too…? Well then it is time to get out there and hit the road.

  8. Like you, I have had an extended break from running seriously – Although mine is more to do with old age and dry rot! Never give up the dream, and always remember there are more 26.2/42.195 that are better than Beantowns. (I never thought I would write something like that, but then I started to travel)…
    I have just restarted my blog – It may read differently in the future, but I still hold onto the dream.

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