yes maybe this post is a coupla days late but I really don’t care 😛

So another New Year’s Eve down.  And the first time that I’m actually living near Times Square.  And wanted no part of the madness there.  Funny thing, I remember back in college really wanting to do the Times Square thing for New Year’s…never happened and as far as I am concerned, it never will (unless I’m indoors and protected from the crowds.)  Thankfully, the craziness didn’t make it to my block…and I found as long as I stayed west of 8th avenue (well I did actually have to leave my apartment that day to do stuff!) I was fine.  If anything, you couldn’t even tell that only a coupla avenues east there was a mob scene.  8th ave was a little crowded, but not horrible.  And I only had to deal with it for one block just to get to the subway to head uptown.

So once again, I would be doing the Midnight Run in Central Park.  But of course, it was preceded by some pregaming at a fellow Flyer‘s apartment….some Flyers and FOF’s.  Good chill time.  And yes, I am wearing my obnoxious pink CEP socks.  And a black and pink running skirt.  And a black and hot pink running top.  And just for the hell of it, a tiara too.  And what did I bring to put in my (hot pink) water bottle for “hydration” during the run?  Pink champagne.  OK, maybe I’m taking this whole hot pink thing a little too far 😛

happy new year! can we run yet?

So the crew left for the park with around 20 minutes to midnight…after a few blocks, me and Bridges Runner decided we needed to pick it up if we wanted to get to the park before midnight.  Which we did with a couple of minutes to spare!  Of course it meant we were lined up pretty far back but it was cool since we got a pretty good view of the fireworks.  And no one was moving in front of us so we got to enjoy them for…I guess 10 minutes?  Finally the crowd in front of us started to move-I bet the officials were trying to get everyone out of there as soon as possible, as the winners would be by any minute!!  (We crossed over 12 minutes after midnight, and the winner finished in 18 minutes and change!)

So me and Bridges Runner were just taking it easy, she snapping photos on the run too (a la crazybandanahead)…we figured our only goal would be to finish this run before 1 AM (keeping in mind we didn’t start til 12:12!) 🙂  And it was a really nice night for running-the running skirt was good attire that nite!!  Can’t believe it was like 19 degrees last time I did this one a couple years ago…anyway, we had a good time, high-fiving spectators, sipping champagne out of the water bottle (that one was just me…lol.)  Coming into the finish, we heard “Eye of the Tiger” playing and sang along…and yes indeed we finished before 1 AM!!  And hopefully this will be the slowest 4 miler both of us will do all year 🙂  AND I get my first race credit for 2011-score!!  Fun night-didn’t get to bed til like 3 or 4 AM!  And thankfully, Times Square was quiet by the time I got back to midtown…

love the glamour of a cosmo with a twist under the blue light

…needless to say I slept in the next day.  But was too “warm” to stay inside and had to go do some awards gala dress shopping, so I chose walking over the subway today.  Walked by Bryant Park on the way crosstown and thought I’d see how long the wait would be to go ice skating…2 hours?  No way!!  (I definitely want to go skating before it closes for the season at the end of February…just a matter of finding when there will be no wait!)  But I decided to stop at the bar/lounge there and have a drink with a nice 2nd floor view of the park.  Then more walking and dress shopping which turned out to be a success!  You’ll just have to wait and see what I got 😉  As for Sunday, got to see the Jets win the last game of the regular season!  Bring on the playoffs…

So yeah…buh-bye 2010, I’m not sorry to see you go.  For quite a few reasons (running-related and non-running related), it was a tough year.  And no resolutions for 2011, as I don’t believe in them.  Or even saying I hope this happens and that happens…um no.  I remember 10 years ago saying all I wanted in 2001 was to “be happy in work, life and love.”  And wouldn’t you know it, 2001 turned out to be a shitstorm times infinity.  Learned my lesson!  We’ll see what this year brings…

Happy New Year!!


6 thoughts on “1-1-11

  1. Love that idea of a Midnight race, what a way to see the New Year in… I stayed at home with the wife and Puppies (Peanut doesn’t like Fireworks!!!) we Braaied (I’m South Africa) and popped open the champagne at about 21h00 wanted to drink it before midnight… Then at 12 I went for a swim then off to bed. it’s 90+ here in Cape Town.

    Good Luck for 2011

    PS we know what your resolutions are: PR in all distances… go get them.

  2. Re: Bryant Park skating: I’ve found that if you’re an early riser, there’s no wait at all before 9am.

  3. Your new year’s resolution? Get faster and stop being so pathetic and qualify for Boston the Right way!

  4. Hello have you got lost? I want to reed about what you are up to, so: a) get out there and run, b) write about it.

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