all I want for christmas are cep compression socks

Well, maybe not.  But I do know there are fans of CEP compression socks (aka the hot pink socks I wore during Chicago) who read my blog and want to make them aware of this promotion!

So I came across this promotion a coupla months back.  The details?

What do you do if I win? When you race in CEP Compression socks or sleeves, complete the form, send us a photo and tell us your experience in CEP we’ll send you a FREE pair of CEP socks of your choice. . . Yes, it’s that simple! Just complete the form and send us your photo of you racing in CEP at any of the races allowed in the drop down menu and get another pair on us.

How does it work? You must race in CEP compression socks or Sleeves during an approved marathon or triathlon, fill out the entry form below. Then email your photo to us racing in CEP. The socks have to be visible to win.

What do we send you? – Once we get your entry we will send the exact product you request when filling out the form Please allow 4 weeks to process.

So thanks to my fabulous paparazzi around the course, I did have a couple of high-res, non-marathonfoto pics of me in the socks.  I chose one taken with one mile to go, sent it in, and hoped for the best.

And kinda forgot about it til 1 week ago, when I had a UPS slip saying I had a package waiting for me-but I wasn’t expecting anything.  I picked the package, opened it up, and wouldn’t you know…

Nice surprise, indeed!!  A brand-spanking new pair of socks, this pair in the cool “progressive black” design.

And my legs were quite happy too.

So if you’re a fan of these socks and want another pair, can’t hurt to check this out, right?

And Merry XMas to all of you who celebrate it!!  As my holiday has been long over, I will be spending tonite being a glutton for punishment yet again amongst a bunch of Jewish singles.  And Chinese food with the parentals tomorrow.  Maybe a run around 5th Ave and the store displays/tree if I’m ambitious enough…?


3 thoughts on “all I want for christmas are cep compression socks

  1. Everyone is raving about these socks, but I have yet to try them… hoping Santa might bring a pair?

  2. I really want to try them! That is an awesome promotion although they are missing out on the people who haven’t tried them yet cause we wouldn’t have a picture 😀

  3. Can I say this? Cute legs…
    I don’t have any socks, but I do run in tights from time to time, and I enjoy them and feel that they work.

    Good luck for 2011

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