2010 chicago marathon: the short version

Oh yes, it heated up…however this was how it played out:

3:43:06 (8:30 pace)…PR by 1:08

not a BQ for 2011…but hello Boston 2012!

The tale of the splits…I will elaborate more in a longer report, but I felt I did run a smart race given the conditions…minimized the carnage and got my B goal!

Split time diff min/mile(per 5k split)
5K 25:52 25:52 8:20
10K 51:43 25:51 8:20
15K 1:17:23 25:40 8:16
20K 1:43:11 25:48 8:19
HALF 1:48:48 5:37 8:16
25K 2:09:10 20:22 8:24
30K 2:35:38 26:28 8:31
35K 3:02:58 27:20 8:48
40K 3:31:17 28:19 9:07
Finish 3:43:06 11:49 8:40

More to come once I get back to NYC!!  But rest assured, I’m very happy with this one. Back to celebrating 🙂


7 thoughts on “2010 chicago marathon: the short version

  1. Mazel tov! Can’t wait for the recap. I mean, I can, but I look forward to it regardless.

  2. Way to go! I will see you in 12 for The Marathon! Enjoy every minute of this!


  3. Nice one Lady
    a PR is always a PR now put your feet up with a couple of beers over then next couple of day and then start the hard work all over again for NY and anything else that comes along…

  4. Next stop….sub 3:40!

  5. Whole hearted congrats on the pr,I’ve always said Chicago is a pr course.
    Well Done!

  6. great job girl! a PR in those conditions is definitely something to be proud of. looks like you ran a very smart race. cant wait for the full report!

  7. May not be running much this year, but still follow your progress (sounds like a stalker problem there!), and really pleased you got a PR and BQ for 2012. Looking forward to the full report as ever…. Next year you can simply enjoy your running and build up for a trip to Beantown in 2012.

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