game time, once again

So the use of computers in the hotel has allowed me to do a “day before” post. 🙂  Thankfully, getting the hell outta NYC has made me a little calmer, because honestly I was a nervous wreck on Thursday and even racking my brain trying to come up with a plan B (drop at the half and run a different marathon the next weekend before Boston registration opens?)

Thankfully, the trip to Chi-town went quite smoothly.  Not only did my flight get in a half hour EARLY (does that ever happen?) but right when I got to the bagagge carousel, my bag was right there, no waiting (again, does that ever happen?)  Good omen?  Perhaps!

After checking in, I hit up Niketown to see my name on the wall and to catch the shuttle to the expo.  Expo is big-definitely puts NYC to shame-wish i could say the same about the swag bag though (was it me or was it mostly all the throwaway race flyers?)  I actually didn’t spend too much money-got a shirt from Nike (its a superstition now…I have to buy a shirt-I didnt last year and look what happened!)  Hung out with Lam and one of my UA friends before it was time to head back and grab some carbo-loading goodness 🙂

As for tomorrow-conditions do not look to be in my favor at all still (guess I won’t be needing those arm warmers!)  I guess my plan at the start is to try and latch on to the 3:40 pace group to see if it’s gonna be my day or not…and just go from there.

Today is just carbo-loading, hydrating, seeing some sights of Chicago and trying to stay off the feet as much as possible.

So thanks to everyone who’s read along and supported me the last 4 months…hope to have good stories to tell!!  Talk to ya all on the flip side…

4 thoughts on “game time, once again

  1. Good Luck!!
    Lisa Smith in Tennessee

  2. Yeah I’m bummed that it will be too warm to wear my new arm sleeves. I’m glad Chicago is treating you well! I hope you get to enjoy the city some post race. Good luck to you!!!

  3. Good luck tomorrow and hope you are having a good time in Chi-town! I agree about the expo, it was so much better than NYCM.

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