go away, taper monster

Always some unwelcome creature around during the taper, particularly the last week.  For some it’s a cute little worm.  For me it’s a monster.  Or so it seems.

Cut mileage?  Don’t have to ask me twice.  Cut back on the booze?  Doesn’t hurt at all, especially considering I felt like crap the day after my birthday.  Time spent not running means I don’t have to resort to the DVR for Dancing With the Stars?  oh yeah.  (Anyone think that The Situation is going to be this season’s version of Kate Gosselin?)

But what the monster does is make me read forums and Facebook pages and other discussion about the weather on 10-10-10 and how it’s warmer than ideal.  And seeing things like “you’re screwed if it’s warm, might as well pick another marathon now if you’re going for a time goal” or “well the weather forecast changed 3 days out in 2007 and 2008…it got hotter” doesn’t exactly make me feel much better.

I guess I wouldn’t be so stressed out about it if it weren’t for the fact that I do get affected by the heat, moreso than others it seems.  And there’s evidence to back that up-as recently as the New Haven 20K and of course I can’t forget my infamous choke job at the 2008 Mini 10K.  Not to mention in both the 2006 and 2008 NYC Marathons, I went with a sleeveless top and shorts and felt comfortable while a lot of others had long sleeves and/or tights on.

History is not on my side, but I wonder if there is any hope of rewriting the history books on Sunday.  As I know there are a lot of you out there who do race well in the heat-is there anything else I could do to salvage my race besides the obvious (e.g.,  staying hydrated)?


10 thoughts on “go away, taper monster

  1. have a GREAT race girl, you are so so so ready!

  2. You are so luck, as your race is almost here I have only started training for mine, and if you are worried about the heat, pop over to Cape Town and run Winelands 20/11/10, the race starts at 05h30 to miss some of the heat…

    Now it’s up to you, drink lots from now till the race and kick some butt, reading your blog says you can.

  3. Don’t get psyched out. Spend two days not looking at the weather and being glad you are not a Gosselin child. And get pumped, I say. As for the heat, I am a fan of dumping agua on my head and, ya know, not blowing it all in the first mile.

  4. The best advice I can give you is not to fixate on conditions,it’s Wednesday,a lot can change between now and Sunday,be prepared for hot,hydrate pick weather related running clothes but make sure you have a back up plan if the conditions change.
    Boston 02 I arrived in Beantown the afternoon b4 the race in 90 degree heat,the masses were predicting “runners to drop like flies” w/ a 12pm gun time and said heat…….
    I woke up at 6am the morning of the race pulled back the curtains to find Boston covered in a blanket of fog,conditions were so bad helicopters couldn’t take off to give ariel coverage of the start of the race!!
    The moral here is don’t use up nervous energy on something you can’t control,the weather will be what it will be,have faith in your ability and your training.
    You are so ready for this!
    Best of luck

  5. Hey, don’t stress it, mid 50s at the start, with your 3:40 you will be done before it hits 65! I can see from your pics that you are in Marathon Shape – so now go execute the plan, you got it.

  6. It’s all a head game. Just think there are people posting that doubt they are ready and they could be blaming weather right away. No one can ignore the heatwaves that have occurred, but worrying about it won’t change that. Just know that some will freak out and pin their pace on that. Just think, you train in heat so you are prepared. I personally like a little warmer than colder. Last Chicago Marathon we froze and it never got warm and I felt underdressed by not having capris and my muscles were tight and red from the cold.

    You are going to do great! Just think about the things you can control, like positive thoughts, hydrating now, resting, etc. Good luck! We will see you there!

  7. We will be at the expo this afternoon if you want to meet up let me know! 🙂

  8. try salt tabs perhaps if you are prone to cramping in the heat. I use Endurolytes by Hammer Nutrition (available at Jack Rabbit) in my races and I have never had an issue. I also feel like my energy gets zapped in the heat but hopefully you will be speedy enough to finish before the heat of the day! 🙂 Good luck!

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