212 to 312…homestretch time!!

Less than a week.  It’s awwwn.  This post title is inspired by the free beer we will get after the race (Goose Island 312 Urban Wheat Ale.)  I didn’t get any free beer after last year so I need to finish in enough time to get it this year!! 😛

This weekend brought probably the best running weather in months to the Tri-State Area.  Almost a shame that I am tapering and can’t take full advantage of it, but it is what it is.  Though I agree with Lam’s thinking: “Anyone know of a way to bag this weather and bring it to Chicago next weekend?”  So Saturday brought Grete’s Great Gallop half (and the uber-short Norway Run)…and even though this was a club points race, figured it wouldn’t be the best idea for me to run it, even as a long run.  As for the shorter race, even though it could be an easy qualifier (and I already have 8 so far this year!)…still not worth it.  So I decided to run a few miles in the park and play the cheerleader role once again.  Since it was actually short-sleeve weather, I decided to wear my Flyer shirt with the “Fall Four” on the back as it had Chicago on it.  (of course, it also has that evil marathon that shall not be named.)

The back view:

And the front view:

So 4 miles done, a little cheering, a little chatting with friends near the finish festival.  It seemed that for a points race, that attendance was a little down, but I know there were several factors going on: marathons this weekend, an organized 20-miler the next day, people tapering for marathons next weekend, a big tri (half-ironman, i think) on Long Island this weekend.  Even though I’m on a team, my belief is that you can’t let NYRR determine what your goal races for the year should be…anyways, nothing I haven’t already said before 🙂   Later that nite was a pre-long run carbo-loading session/pre-Chitown pre-game dinner type thing with Bridges Runner…and actually on her side of the East River.  I so love living in midtown and having so many more subway options and just being in the center of everything 🙂

This morning was the Flyers’ annual 3 Bridges 20-mile run.  If you remember correctly, I was a paceleader for this run both in 2008 and 2009.  However, the timing of the run didn’t mesh with my schedule this year, being one week before Chi-town (and the 2nd one being the week after!)  However, I did want to take advantage of part of the route.  So my plan was to meet up with the group around Chelsea Piers, and then run with them til the Queens side of the Pulaski Bridge, to give me 9-10 miles.  So I kinda did some mental math to figure out when peeps my pace would be passing by Chelsea Piers (around the 5 mile point)…seemed that I was kinda early, thank god I could wait inside as it was quite chilly!!  Finally I saw one group go by (the 8:30s) so I waited around for a group more my pace.  Finally a group that I thought was the 9:30s came by and I hopped in as I saw a few of my friends (who did confirm that they did get off to a late start.)  Actually this group was the 10s, as they left ahead of the 9:30s since that group wasn’t ready to go on time…but honestly it was ok with me, I’d rather socialize and no reason to push the pace so close to the game 🙂  The run actually went by really quickly, before I knew it I was in Queens, 9 1/2 miles down.  I said goodbye and hit the 7 train-was back in midtown in no time!!  Definitely worked out well for me…much better than schlepping up to the UES early in the morning (as the run started at 7 am.)  Earned the right to spend the day being lazy and watching the Jets (yay!) and the Yanks (bring on the postseason!)

And in taper madness news, I think I need to stay away from the Chicago Marathon forum on the RunnersWorld site.  Not only is there a weather watch thread, but also a thread where people are discussing how warm it needs to be before one would decide not to run the race.  Arrghh…are peeps already predicting this will be a repeat of 2007??  Of course, like a trainwreck I will still look at it…

So on tap for this week-a coupla short runs (possibly having to dreadmill it, boo) and keeping the taper madness contained.  Then off to Chi-town on Friday…

4 thoughts on “212 to 312…homestretch time!!

  1. yeah i am NOT getting on that board all this week. those people are STRESSING ME OUT!!

  2. Hey I am in Chicago today and the weather is perfect. I’m sure it will continue for you. 60 at the start!

    I will be pulling for you, now go get that BQ.

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