t-minus 9 days and counting

Yikes.  The countdown to race day is now in the single digits.  And I will actually be in Chicago exactly one week from now.  When did this happen?

So taper week #2 almost comes to a close.  Unlike Lam (don’t worry Lam-we can definitely agree to disagree! 🙂 ) I’m actually not minding the taper too much.  The way I see it, my legs worked hard for 3 1/2 months and need this time to bounce back in time for race day…as was shown this summer, racing on tired legs does not lead to optimal race performances!

And one last week of speedy workouts.  Thankfully cutting mileage means that there is no need to pad my mileage before/after workouts!!  Tuesday-thankfully the predicted tornado didn’t show up, so that meant lower loops at MP/tempo were on…

  Time Distance Pace
MP loop 1 14:14 1.73 8:13
MP loop 2 13:52 1.72 8:03
tempo loop 13:21 1.73 7:42

I was happy with the MP loops, the tempo loop felt a little sluggish but I wasn’t too worried about that (especially conisdering the humidity that nite!)  Coach DC even said during the second MP loop that I could just do the 3rd at MP if I wanted…decided to play it by ear.  My group was going a little fast but I let them go…told DC that I wanted to stick to my own pace, that “my marathon pace is not their marathon pace” (they were probably doing sub-8s, if not a little faster)  Just like race day…especially in the early miles, run my own race-not someone else’s!!

Wednesday I learned maybe it was not the best thing that I was slacking on the yoga front…as my flexibility had definitely lessened.  Unfortunately during the month of August, when I was dealing with moving stuff, something had to give…and it couldn’t be running!!  And then September was just a jam-packed month, dealing with peak mileage…but my body definitely appreciated some good stretching.  And I was able to sorta multitask-instead of taking the subway uptown, just ran up there instead!!  Once again, luckily the forecasted rain held off…

Thursday was to be my last hard workout, and given that the forecast was saying 90-100% chance of rain, I thought I’d have to be doing it on the dreadmill indoors.  But somehow that chance of rain lessened to 10-20% (with the higher percentages not til I’d be home lounging on the couch)…so to Urban I went, to do some 600m intervals…

Interval Time Distance Pace
1 2:30 0.37 6:43
2 2:31 0.38 6:40
3 2:34 0.38 6:41
4 2:28 0.38 6:33

My group was supposed to do between 4 and 6 of them, but I cut myself off at 4-that was really all I felt I needed.  Was just glad to get it in before any rain…though once again the humidity was killer-I probably looked like I was caught in a rainstorm after the workout!  And afterwards I succumbed (sp?) to the lure of a nicely chilled glass of Riesling…so much for limiting my alcohol consumption!!  (though I only did have one glass.  And that was the first drink i have had since Sunday-as a matter of fact, I passed on drinks after the workout Tuesday nite because I needed rest and wasn’t in the mood to drink.)

So that’s it-the hard work is done…nothing but easy stuff til 10-10-10… (and I’m not obsessing about the weather yet.  Too soon!)


4 thoughts on “t-minus 9 days and counting

  1. you are soooo ready!!

  2. You are going to have a great race! Good call on not fretting about weather, they never predict well around here. Make sure to pack for all temps so there are no surprises. I hope we get a chance to meet! Also make sure to check out Niketown on Michigan Ave. Last year everyone’s name was on the front of the building in a mural, kinda cool. 🙂

    • i say i don’t want to fret about the weather, yet I am strangely drawn to the Chicago weather threads on the running forums. lol. But yep, I’m sure my carry-on is gonna be filled with different race day outfits (like i’d trust it in my checked bag! 😛 )

      Thanks for the Niketown tip-I hope to check it out!! I’m most likely hitting up the expo on Friday-how about you?

  3. Can’t wait to read all about it, have a great run

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