F34 day

Well I guess you could tell from my Chi-town confirmation ticket that I was gonna be aging up between then and race day. Well that happened this past weekend, Sunday to be exact!! (and on a sort of related note-congrats to Kara Goucher on the birth of her baby son this past Saturday!! Was sorta hoping she’d hold out one more day so he could share my bday…but i’m sure it was Sept 26th somewhere right? 😉 )

So it was a nice bday weekend, started off with 13 miles and change on Saturday morning.  Due to a lot of scheduling conflicts, the Flyers had to have their famed “Bridges and Arches Run” in September instead of in June/July.  I wasn’t able to do the full run (as I had to head to Devachan for my bday/pre-marathon haircut!) but I decided to frontload (btw-whoever that was on the 102nd street transverse who said to me “love your blog”-thank you! 🙂 ), do 5 miles of the run and then run home.  And that worked out pretty well, except my legs felt like crap for the last mile and I knew it was a familiar fueling issue.  Ya see, it was unseasonably hot this past Saturday and I didn’t take any sports drink…my body needed the electrolytes.  Felt much better after downing a glass of chocolate milk (for recovery) and a glass of Gatorade too.  No time to waste though, had to hurry off to my haircut, then bday dinner with la familia!!

 So for the second year in a row, the Fifth Avenue Mile was on my bday (only cuz they moved it from Saturday to Sunday this year 🙂 )  After a short run, I got to watch some great races-partially thanks to the streaming video on a JumboTron near the finish.  And I got to watch fellow blogger Kevin in an epic battle for the 40-49 age group…I’ll refrain from the rest as I’m sure he wants to tell the story 😉  But it was good to finally meet him after his race, after months of commenting on each others blogs 🙂  Saw some Flyers and other friends and chatted to kill time til the pro races.  While watching the local elite races on the JumboTron it looked like there was some kind of tape delay…we could see the finish line clock from our vantage point and we’d see the runners at the half-mile point and think that the time on the clock was too slow!  And as for the pro races, the women’s race was awesome…I was really hoping Erin Donohue would have won but damn…so close!!  The men’s race proved to be exciting too-however I had to hit the subway as soon as I saw the winner hit the tape, as I had to get home and cleaned up for the rest of the day!

And it was…a Sunday Funday at the Boat Basin!!  (nope, not the Boat House!!  wrong side of town…hehe.)  Friends, fun and yummy beverages 🙂

bday girl rocking the hot pink and one of many strawberry-flavored beverages 🙂

Was a good time, though I definitely was paying for it Monday morning…another year older, none the wise I guess!!  But that will be the last time really tying one on til the afternoon of 10-10-10!  And as for that-no real taper madness yet except trying to escape this cold that everyone in my office seems to have.  I’ve stocked up on Emergen-C, Zicam and Halls Vitamin C drops.  (OK, guess that counts as taper madness!)

As for the weather?  Actually not worrying about it yet.  For one thing, it’s a few days too early.  And as last year showed…even when it’s the most perfect weather, doesn’t mean it will be my day.  Though something amusing in the “shit my dad says” category-my dad saying that “the weather will definitely be cool in Chicago around that time.”  There is concrete evidence to the contrary, known as the 2007 Chicago “Fun Run”, not to mention the 2008 race!  (But hey, he also couldn’t seem to grasp why “The Situation” is called The Situation, despite several attempts on mine and my brother’s part to explain it.)

OK, back to tapering! 🙂


9 thoughts on “F34 day

  1. Happy belated birthday!

  2. Had no idea Sunday was your b’day.
    Great to finally catch up w/ one another.
    Enjoy the taper

  3. happy birthday! sounds like it was a perfect day for you. good luck w/ the taper! (btw, i’m fending off that same cold that seems to be going around everywhere).

  4. Happy belated birthday. Your hair looks fab. I’ve been dying to get my hair cut at devachan for the longest. One day. One day!

  5. Thanks everyone!! 🙂

  6. So you had a birthday and ran a race, I did that back in December and being my 40th I had hoped for a good race, well that ddin’t happen for me, but did it happen for you what time did you do for your Mile, I wish there was something like that here in Cape Town. In fact I’m going to send an E-mail to to powers that be…
    Hope you had a great weekend and will be thinking about you next weekend as you tackel the marathon.

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