“beat your bib”

so this was a fun little game that I saw people playing on the Runner’s World forums (in both the NYCM and Chicago Marathon forums)…figured I’d play too 🙂

Pretty much check out what your bib number ran in previous years.

So here goes.  Bib #4927 ran the following…

2009-48-year old Canadian woman ran 4:18:52…after hitting 2:04:25 at the half.  (ok, I think I can beat that one.)

2008-50-year old Canadian man ran 4:04:17…went through the half in 1:48:44 and looks like the heat got to him (2 years in a row that a Canadian had my number?  funny.)

2007-wow not only did the 32-year old French guy finish the infamous “Fun Run”, but pretty damn fast-2:54:29!  Don’t think I will be beating that one.  (my only question-how come this guy didn’t have a lower bib #?)

2006-now we’re back in the good old USA…and this 31-year old woman seemed to run a very similar race to my 2008 NYCM!  3:44:34, after going through the half in 1:50:42.  (I ran 3:44:14, and my half split was 1:50:43!  freaky.)

2005-a 27-year old woman ran 3:34:11, hit halfway in 1:41:18 (I wouldn’t mind beating that, though go out a little slower in the first half.)

2004-either no one ran with my number, or didn’t finish.

2003-very similar to 2005… 22-year old woman (looks like an Illinois local!) ran 3:38:01, hit halfway in 1:40:57…last 10K took almost an hour (ouch.)

2002 and 2001-again, no one.  guess it’s time to stop playing 🙂

 OK, that was fun!!  Hey I need something to occupy my time while tapering, right?  Couldn’t attend my speed workout this week (though it was probably a good thing to let the legs rest for a week) and the 15-day forecast isn’t up at AccuWeather yet so I can’t obsess about the weather just yet 🙂

Thankfully this weekend there looks to be lots occupying my time…and a good chunk of it not even running-related 😉


3 thoughts on ““beat your bib”

  1. That sounds like fun. I might play!

  2. Ha, I’ve never played that game before, but it looks pretty fun 🙂

  3. You obviously have too much time on your hands to be playing silly little games like this ;P I like your race analysis though.

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