it’s here! it’s here!

LOL-not race day yet!!  18 days to go for that…

But this was waiting for me in the mailbox yesterday when I got home from work:

Ohhh yeah.  The little booklet telling me about the ins and outs about race day!!  (BTW-did anyone else find that the map insert for the seeded corrals…that you practically need a magnifying glass to read it?  I was able to easily spot where the post-race beer will be though 😛 )

But most important-the bib number.  I already knew I had a seeded start (though it does help seeing the confirmation…after last year’s fiasco at MCM and its “honor system lineup“!)  But I like seeing the actual number, so I can obsess about any special hidden meanings the number may have.  A certain number geek 😉 interpreted it as “7 squared and 3 cubed”  So lucky 7’s?  And I wouldn’t mind a time filled with 3’s (3:33, perhaps?)

But for big goal races like this…getting the bib # is when it really starts to feel real!  Race day is getting so so close. 🙂  Only a few more days til the weather obsessions can start!!  (Oh yes, and a certain poll will be posted.  Stay tuned.)


5 thoughts on “it’s here! it’s here!

  1. i got mine yesterday too! although no seeded corral for me, but i liked my number which is 44556. i was like, THAT has to be lucky right? ;o)

    i am oh so super duper excited … and i agree, once you get the packet and a number assigned its so much more real….

  2. I could barely read the card! And the color map inside wasn’t a hell of a lot better. Oh well. Did you notice the URL on the back of the card didn’t work either?

    I’m pretty freaked myself ;p How bad is the start at MCM? I’m already wondering about what fall marathon to do next year and reading about the lack of seeded starts has me pretty turned off…

    • just noticed that (about the URL) hmmm someone in their QC department was asleep at the switch…

      regarding the start at MCM-it was a total free-for-all in a way. They did have pace markers (by total race time-e.g., 3:40) but you know that no one follows them. I was lined up by the 3:40 and there were people with 4:30 and 5 hour pace bands around me. It took me til mile 3 to get out of the mess. Of course I didn’t finish anyway-and I dont think the start caused the ITB issues, but i’m sure it didn’t help. And my friend who was lined up with me missed a BQ time by seconds!!

      I do think MCM is a nice race, but there are certain logistics (like the start) that seriously need fixing before I’d recommend it to anyone.

  3. boy is that number geek cool;) anyway, exciting! I can’t wait to stalk the live tracking 10/10/10!

  4. Yay!! I hope we get to say hi to you when we get lined up. We will be in Corral B. Keep and eye out for us and we will do the same. 🙂

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