too late in the game for this

At this point of training…days away from tapering, a little over 3 weeks to go…not only are the legs feeling fragile but the mind is too.  At this point, all I want is reassurance, that the training is coming together, that I will get my goal.  The last thing one needs is a bad workout.  Yeah I know bad days happen…but I feel it’s too late in the game for it!

So last nite’s workout was a downward ladder on the roads…600m, 500m, 400m, 300m, then 4 200’s.  When I was coming home from work, it was totally a torrential downpour (though apparently Brooklyn and Queens had it much worse!) and I was seriously considering bailing on the workout.  But then I decided that I had to go uptown anyway to get my bib for Sunday so I can play it by ear…just means I can’t frontload.  But when I walked outside it had actually stopped, so I ran the 3 miles uptown.  And it did wind up holding off for the workout, though it was humid as hell.

So anyways.  The workout…

Distance Target Time Actual Time Pace
0.36 2:27 2:30 6:55
0.31 2:02 2:02 6:40
0.25 1:40 1:35 6:27
0.18 1:13 1:08 6:25
0.12 0:48 0:43 5:51
0.12 0:48 0:44 6:03
0.12 0:48 0:44 6:02
0.12 0:48 0:44 6:09

I know for the most part-by the numbers, it doesn’t look so bad.  Except for the 600…not sure what happened there, I remember not feeling great during that one.  But as I couldn’t really remember most of my target times (looked at them again after the workout) what bothered me more than anything was how badly I was getting dusted by the rest of the group.  I mean, these are people that I definitely can and have been able to stick with in workouts and races, if not finish ahead of them.  But tonite I was getting my butt kicked and the legs just weren’t responding.  My mind was saying “stick with them!” but the legs were just saying “f*ck you”…ugh, the whole workout was very demotivating for me.  Wasn’t what I needed at this point in the game…

I’m not sure what this all means in this point of my training.  Sunday is gonna be key.  As I am gonna try and run the last 6 miles at MP…and praying it will go well.  I really need the running gods to hand me a performance that tells me that I’m not kidding myself thinking I can run a 3:40 marathon!  3 weeks to go…gotta find some way to get it together.


5 thoughts on “too late in the game for this

  1. I feel your pain. As I was shuffling along at 10-min-mile pace during the last couple of miles of my long run the other day. And I’m gonna do what for 26.2? 8 min miles? Right.

    I hope Sunday goes well for you!

  2. Hey I see a lot of 6s in that log that means you’re doing great. Hang in there, this is the best and worsts of times. Must be great feeling so fit, enjoy!

  3. Bottom line is this … you are an experienced marathoner, you have trained to the best of your abilities given how life gets in the way for those of us not paid to run and you will get to the start line healthy. Not bad at all. At this point it’s all between your ears. Positive thoughts. There is no reason you cannot run a 3:40 or even better. Believe! Your taper should be filled with 3 straight weeks of believing that you will crush your goal!!! Boston is in your future.

  4. Hey! I know we’re good friends so i know you won’t take this the wrong way but please GET YOUR HEAD BACK IN THE GAME! Maybe we don’t talk about this much, but at this stage of training, you can no longer allow your bad races/training to fill your head with doubt, anxiety, and regret! Like you said, it’s too late for that! Focus on what you did WELL…whatever it was and BELIEVE IN YOURSELF! Don’t go to Chicago wondering if you’ll get the perfect weather and the perfect conditions, or this or that so you can get your goal. Forget it. You have to believe you can do this, regardless of extraneous conditions. You can’t control any of that anyway. You need to use your taper to prepare yourself MENTALLY. Someone really smart once told me – You must SEE the PR before you can BE the PR.

    You’ve done the training. You’ve raced well. Give yourself every possible reason to SUCCEED! Despite all the evidence to the contrary, Be POSITIVE! Visualize the PERFECT race and then RUN IT!

    Good luck tomorrow…but realistic bearing on how you will do in Chicago. You’ve worked too hard for too long to let anyone or anything stand in your way. Practice your POSITIVE mentality and then make it happen! I BELIEVE IN YOU!

    P.S. Sorry for being ranty…I think you needed that 😉

  5. thanks for stopping by my blog 🙂

    hope the lr went well today!! you are fast and strong and can do this 🙂

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