tired tempo

I am definitely at the point where I just cannot wait to taper…not so much because it means “X days closer to race day!” but to get some life back into my legs!!  Tuesday’s assignment was 3 loops of the reservoir, about 11:50 per loop for me.

Lap Time Distance Avg Pace Avg HR Max HR
1 12:31 1.58 7:54 148 162
2 12:36 1.59 7:56 158 162
3 12:23 1.59 7:47 163 170

Yeah that didn’t quite work out.  I was barely under 8 minute pace at both the half-mile and mile points of each lap and had a feeling this was gonna be a slog.  (again, the HR data was not quite in my tempo zone…probably not til the 3rd lap)  But it did turn out that everyone’s times across the board were slower than target…so that made me feel much better, that it wasn’t just me.  Understandable I guess-the reservoir is actually a pretty slow surface.  I remember when I first did speedwork and I did intervals on the reservoir…and any interval times on the track or even the flat road would blow those away.  Also, I definitely had to do a bit of dodging (guess which laps moreso?) and watching my footing, as it got dark during the 2nd loop and there are quite a few reservoir lights burned out.

It is what it is I guess-another run in the books, another day closer to tapering.  And an excuse for me to drink lotsa Blue Moons afterwards 😛  2-for-1’s are deadly, let me tell you.

Yesterday was what I’ve sorta nicknamed my “Sunset Six” along the West Side Highway.  Maiden voyage for the brand new pair of Brooks Defyance 3’s and they felt good.  Gonna wear those for the last long long run this weekend…and overall try and keep them to between 50-75 miles total before the marathon.

another day closer, another day…


4 thoughts on “tired tempo

  1. Nice work with that tempo run on tired legs. That is a tough workout on RESTED legs – you are doing great during this training cycle and that taper will work like magic. I am always amazed how that taper delivers fresh legs to the starting line EVERY time.

    2 for 1 Blue Moons …. I’m going to have to get up there for a visit soon!

    (I actually will be up Oct. 11-13 – hook up for a run perhaps?)

    Best from Austin, J

  2. Hang in there! The taper will be here sooner than you expect!

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