gotta wing it

Well before I get into this post, I would like to make this Public Service Announcement:

Yes that reads correct.  The countdown to Chi-Town is now in the 20s.  And I am so not ready.  😯 😮

Oh and did you all vote for the starting line song yet?

Guess which one I voted for. Hint-it was playing at the start line of a past good race of mine.

So being a month out, doesn’t mean I can slack off as a result of the Jewish New Year (happy 5771!)   I missed my Tuesday speed session with UA due to taking an easy day after the 20K, and would have to miss last nite’s session due to being in NJ with la familia.  However, there does happen to be a track at my old high school…only 200 meters, but still!  So as I didn’t know what the workout was gonna be, I had to “wing it”…decided on 6 x 800 (figuring that 4 laps to an interval was all I could handle without going insane!)

And as you can see here, the track and Mr. Garmin had very different views of how far I ran 😛  (800 meters is actually 0.497096954 miles, for all of you keeping track at home.)

  Tracky Mr. Garmin
Time Distance Pace Distance Pace
3:25.70 800m 6:53.80 0.53 mi 6:28.11
3:27.27 800m 6:56.96 0.52 mi 6:38.60
3:28.44 800m 6:59.31 0.53 mi 6:33.28
3:34.12 800m 7:10.74 0.52 mi 6:51.77
3:34.85 800m 7:12.21 0.52 mi 6:53.17
3:27.12 800m 6:56.66 0.52 mi 6:38.31

Not too too bad, considering my legs still had some tiredness in them.  And it was definitely windy, especially in the two 3:34s….now i know how the players at the US Open Wednesday nite felt!! (as they were getting hit by wind.)  This wasn’t the easiest workout in the world, especially going about it solo, but it’s still another one in the books…

And here are some pics from the 20K this past Monday (and yes, no Flyer apparel for me at this race!)

just past the 10 mile point

giving it everything i had left (which wasn't much at that point)

yessss...under 1:40 on the clock!! (oh mean this isn't a half-marathon??)


2 thoughts on “gotta wing it

  1. I think the first photo is more like the 10 mile mark than the 10k mark as that winding narrow road was only in the park towards the end of the race. You look pretty good in the pics, I look awful in mine, so I’m not buying them even though they are more reasonably priced than the photo company they use in CP.

    • ah yes I believe you are right!! looking closer I can faintly see the “mile 10” on the red sign. i just thought i remembered there being photographers at the 10k point instead of 10 mile…then again was my mind really working perfectly in the race? 🙂

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