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This was a t-shirt at the Nike booth at the US Open…I didn’t buy the shirt, but I couldn’t resist getting a picture of it!!

Thankfully Hurricane Earl spared NYC of any damage to Friday’s tennis schedule.  My brother and I were prepared if the weather got bad which thankfully did not happen.  There was rain which suspended play for 20 minutes at the most!  So we got to see some pretty good tennis…first off Elena Dementieva-Daniela Hantuchova, where Hantuchova coulda had the first set, but then seemed to suffer a mental collapse which cost her not just the first set, but the match as well.  We passed on the Kim Clijsters match in favor of visiting the “Food Village ” and other assorted stores and attractions…and yes, that included getting another pic taken.  This year no beers or big tennis balls, but I guess a trophy would have to do. 🙂

So next was Armstrong stadium to catch the beginning of the John Isner match (Kevin-I was actually looking around there to see if you were there 🙂 )  We stayed there until we got word that the Andy Murray match was gonna start up, so back to Ashe we went.  (My brother thought that since the Clijsters match was so quick that there would be a match moved to Ashe before the Murray one, but I had a feeling with the weather forecast being what it was, they would want to get all matches in ASAP.)  So we saw Andy Murray take the first 2 sets (though it looked like he was struggling a little in the first set!) and then decided to go back to Armstrong and see the rest of the Isner match (I was following along with that one on the CrackBerry-and as the third set went to tiebreak, the scoreboard on the CrackBerry said 79 to 67.  Meaning that the tiebreak was won 9 to 7…though with Isner, you never know!)  Anyways, by the time we got to the other stadium, Murray had taken the 3rd set 6-0 and we saw Isner close it out in the 4th set.

So next we decided to try and catch some doubles action on the number courts…first was the Melanie Oudin match which she lost in straight sets (we blame her doubles partner) then the end of the Bethanie Mattek-Sands/Meghann Shaughnessy-Caroline Wozniacki/Daniela Hantuchova…moreso to see what crazy outfit Britney-I mean Bethanie-would be wearing…she was rocking the hot pink and knee-high socks (compression socks?)  And actually, in the other doubles match it looked like 3 of the 4 women had the same purple top!  We called it a day after that one and hit the 7 train back to Manhattan.

And today I got wind of the Open being shown on a big screen in Madison Square Park so I popped by there to watch the end of the Nadal match 🙂 and part of the Murray match 😦  And thanks to the power of social media, I knew at least one pal would be there too 😉  Hmmm maybe I will have to make a return visit next weekend!

And in between all the tennis?  Some R & R…including, but not limited to margaritas at the Boat Basin, the heat wave finally breaking…and oh yeah, a pre-race mani/pedi (well moreso because my nails were a mess from the move.)

Fingers on the right, toes on the left.  I seem to like my toes in blue shades, this one is called Lapis of Luxury (by Essie.)  And for the last few months before races, I’ve been doing up my fingers in OPI‘s Lincoln Park after Dark…a la Kara Goucher in NYCM 2008 (not quite black nails, but close enough.)  It’s a thing.

So tonite was just chilling and eating pasta and early to bed, as I have a mad early train to New Haven tomorrow…eek!!  Alarm, don’t fail me pleasssseeee…

And some more Open pics for your enjoyment 🙂


7 thoughts on “open for business

  1. I had to get the YOU CANNOT BE SERIOUS t shirt from the Nike stand being a big Johnny Mac fan back in the day.
    My day at the open went w/ Robredo Benneteau,Dulko Pavlychenkova and Wozniacki/Hantuchova Mettek Sands/Shaughnessy.
    Had a ball and was kicking myself for having to leave by 7pm for the 8pm bus back to Philly,next year I think a day nite session is on the cards.
    W/ Murray out today I’m going w/ Rafa to win his first US Open,Clijsters looks a good bet to win the womens but I’m hoping Wozniacki can go one better this year.

    • How crazy crowded was the court with the Mattek doubles match? We were actually gonna stop by that one before the Oudin match but the line was ridiculous.
      I wound up getting a long-sleeve techy Nike shirt…I kinda like their US Open wear better than the “official” stuff.
      And oh yes, Nadal FTW!! And I’m rooting for C-Woz too 🙂

      • I know I missed the first couple of games standing in line to get in….but I’m probably never get that close to Caroline Wozniacki and Daniella Hantuchcova ever again so it was worth it.
        There were some great shirt there but the You Cannot Be Serious shirt was ideal for me,Mac was my second hero in tennis after Jimbo,what wasn’t there to love about a firey Irish American from New York!!!

  2. Cute nails! Lincoln Park after dark is my FAV!! I wear it all the time! I love a pre-race mani/pedi to get festive for the butt kicking. 😉 Good luck with your race!!


    • I’ve loved that shade ever since Chanel started the whole “Vamp” craze…about 15 years ago? Wow. I think my nails needed a bit of post-move TLC more than anything else, but it didn’t hurt that there was a race they needed to look pretty for 🙂 Thanks for the good luck wishes-was actually a tough day!

  3. Hey, where’s the running stuff? Those pics look like they were taken with an inferior BlackBerry. How much am I paying for this blog? Good luck today.

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