happy 90210 day!

Well as today is 9/02/10, I’m very happy to see throughout facebook and trending topics on Yahoo, that “90210 Day” is alive and well.  Hell, even local bars are getting into the action (gotta love the drink specials: “Drink specials include The Donna, a (what else) virgin pina colada; The Dylan, with Jägermeister; and The David Silver, Patron on the rocks.”)  Ahhh nothing on TV today (not even the “remake” of sorts) can come close to the goodness that was BH90210…you just can’t write stuff like this anymore!!

Anyone remember “Donna Martin Graduates”?

Or when that skank Emily Valentine slipped drugs into Brando’s drink?

And definitely can’t forget the infamous party wehen Jim and Cindy were away and Brandon totalled Mondale (awesome recrap of this episode here!)

So yeah-will be another 100 years before this day is upon us again, so enjoy!


And in other news, still getting settled into the new pad.  Still need to work my way through boxes of clothes to unpack (it’s tough with the US Open on at night and the TV being in the living room!  distractions, distractions) but started to make some progress yesterday.  And surprisingly, even though I’m sorta between the same avenues as I was when I lived on the UWS, the West Side Highway path seems so much closer!!  (Maybe because it’s due to the absence of Riverside Park now?)  So I did a few recovery miles on the nice flat path last nite…was hot during the day but the evening was tolerable and there was a gorgeous sunset along the Hudson River.  Even though I run this path so much-it just seemed different last nite.  (wonder if it’s the change in direction and location?  As I ran north to the 80s and turned around.  Whereas when I do the downtown run with the Flyers, we go south from 14th street all the way to the bottom and back.) And made me look forward to more sunset runs along this route.

And yesterday was my first day back at work after the move and I am loving my shortened commute!!  Especially having many more choices of trains.  Before?  Had to either wait for a C train, or take a B to Columbus Circle and transfer to an A or C.  Now-I got the A, C and E at my disposal 🙂

Short workweek for me…taking tomorrow off to head to the US Open-as long as the damn hurricane doesn’t make tomorrow a washout!!


8 thoughts on “happy 90210 day!

  1. Get another TV. Problem solved.

  2. Absolutely love(d) the original series and I’m man enough to admit it. When we were looking at Boy’s Names before we knew we were having little Landry – I was lobbying hard for Dylan …. my wife was having none of it.

    Still catch the reruns on SOAP Network whenever I can – will be sure to do so this afternoon in honor of the occasion.

    Best from Austin! J

    • No “kelly” or “donna” for a girl? (though I love the name you did choose! 🙂 )

      And considering my brother is just as much of a fan as I am, if not more, I don’t think it’s even an issue of being “man” enough to admit it 🙂

  3. Never ashamed to admit I was a huge 90210 fan back in the day,loved the 10 years it was on tv

  4. congrats on the move! that sounds great about the sunsets–i’ve seen a few beauties this week as well.

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