back on the grid

Finally got reconnected today!!  Though almost didn’t happen, as Time Warner, for whatever reason, still had my old phone # on my account (even though I asked 2 weeks ago for it to be changed) and the technician called that number and when there was no answer decided “ok, guess i don’t have to show up”  Or so I found out when I called TWC with 10 minutes to go in the scheduled time window and needless to say I gave them a piece of my mind.  Whatever, it got hooked up…2 days without TV was tolerable (though I am glad to have it back in time to watch Nadal’s first round match!) but I’m glad to have functioning Internet without having to look for an unsecured wireless network to connect to!

Anyways, even though I do still have some unpacking to do, I am definitely getting settled into the new pad, and let me just tell you…compared to my old place, I feel like I’m living in a palace now.  What a difference one extra room makes-not to mention a much bigger kitchen!  This is definitely worth not being within stumbling distance of Central Park 🙂  Funny thing-both my old super and old across-the-hall neighbor both commented to me that I “won’t be right by the park anymore”  Hmmm guess I’ve been spotted a lot in my running clothes. 🙂

And thankfully the running routine wasn’t too disrupted with the move.  Saturday I got 20 miles in during the LTR…I’m not gonna go into too much detail except same shite, different day.  I’m on pace, others aren’t, guess who has to deal with the consequences.  As I had to do some pre-move stuff that afternoon, I wore my compression socks all afternoon to hopefully aid with recovery (and I did on the actual moving day too!)  Sunday was my last run being within stumbling distance from the park and was a slow 4 and change on the bridle path, before finishing up packing and waiting for the movers (who were actually early!)  The move thankfully went smoothly, now it’s just a matter of finding a place for everything (especially my clothes-and this was with tossing quite a bit before the move too!)

Today was tempo nite with UA, and I decided to test the waters with regards to how far it is to run from here to there…about 2.8 miles.  Good to know if I need to pad my mileage, but I may need to think of other alternatives on speedwork days.  Anyway, tonite was 2 tempo Harlem Hill loops (1.4 miles)  Though we were told we can have some leeway with the suggested times due to the conditions…anyways, my suggested time was 10:38 and I ran 10:45 (7:38 pace) for the 1st loop and surprise surprise, 10:38 (7:33 pace) for the second!!  I definitely earned my recovery brew

If you like fruity beers, this is strongly recommended. And check out what I used to drink it in! 🙂

Anyway, back to work, back to reality tomorrow. Thankfully the commute will be a little shorter than it was before! 🙂


10 thoughts on “back on the grid

  1. Mmm, I love Leinenkugel but haven’t tried that berry one. Where can you get it at a bar? Or do you just have to buy it from a grocery/beer shop?

    I ran in CP in the heat last night and it was TOUGH… congrats on the fast times. You def did earn that beer!

    • I actually got a 6-pack of it at the Food Emporium on 8th Ave and 49th! I remember someone (Maria, I think?) telling me about that beer once before and I saw it when I was food shopping and couldn’t resist 🙂 Looks like it’s pretty rare around these parts, at least in bars (I looked it up on

  2. Glad to hear Time Warner sorted out the tv…………no US Open….@!#$
    Not sure what the odds of us running into one another at Flushing Meadows on Friday are but stranger things have happened!
    Glad to see you’re getting settled into the new home,eyes on the prize now,Chicago is just around the corner.

  3. Glad the move went well! And, sweet tempo run!

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