two steps forward, one step back

It never fails, right?  When you’re packing up for a move and you feel like you’re making progress, you come across something you didn’t even remember that you had, and of course you have to pause and check everything out…and play the keep/toss game.

So what were these blasts from the past that came up while I was in the midst of throwing stuff into boxes last nite?  (well not really “throwing stuff” but u know what I mean.)  Can you believe it, old apartment documents from my first place in Murray Hill-we’re talking 9 years ago.  Including back-and-forth emails between me and my then soon-to-be roommate all excited about moving in and what we were gonna do with the place…and also not knowing how much things were gonna change in only a matter of weeks.

And sorta on that topic, I also came across previous years’ versions of the Zagat restaurant/bar guides…as well as a coupla Time Out New York versions too.  From as far back as 2000!  Why did I keep them all this time?  Nostalgia sake, I guess…reading about past favorite haunts of mine that are no longer around…and also the pre-9/11 places too…

And of course, pictures.  We’re talking actual hardcopy photos, back in the day when they had those things called 35mm disposable cameras and every single place that developed them would give you free doubles.  And yeah, of course I had to wade through them too.  Some warranted a trip to the trash can, others brought back good memories, others brought back bad, others I was just indifferent to.

So yeah, I’m not sure what’s gonna be tougher this week, packing up the rest of my place (I haven’t even tackled my clothes closet yet!) or getting in all my mileage.  It’s gonna be tight, but it may be doable…I at least have a coupla fun things going on to break it up.  Thursday will be my last race as an Upper West Sider…a 5k race which you may remember last year wasn’t exactly 5K, but was still fun all the same 😉   And once again, I’m pretty much “training through it” so I don’t expect anything great.  Saturday is the next Long Training run and another 20…yep dontcha just love how I scheduled my move around my training and long runs? 😉  Though moving the day after running a 20 will be…uh…interesting!  Though I will be taking it easy in the LTR.

And last week’s long run?  16 miles down Summer Streets to the end, a little bit up, over to the east, around the bottom, up the west side.  Yeah I know I was annoyed by it last week but this was the last weekend so I could deal for one more day…one less long run I have to do in the park.  And I was actually able to sneak three MP miles in near the end-8:10, 8:22, 8:10 (that 2nd one could have been faster-I had to slow a little by chelsea piers…people crowding the sidewalks.)  So not bad, especially considering my legs sorta fell asleep around mile 11…guess the PowerGel boost woke them up.  This weekend, I’m keeping the pace consistent, as the LTR is not the place to take off in the last few miles.  (And I think my legs will be happier for it.)

 And on the topic of gel boosts (love how each paragraph of this post seems to transition into the next)-anyone else disappointed that Luna Moons were discontinued (which was I guess the LunaBar version of Clif Blok Shots)?  While I usually use gels for a long run and during the race, the Blueberry Luna Moons were my pre-race “go-to.”  Just like running shoes for me I guess…always getting discontinued 🙂

Wow, a lot for one post.  I guess that’s what happens when you have to spend more time prepping for a move than blogging 🙂

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