bring it on

OK, I’m sure I’ve proclaimed my love for teen movie circa late 1990s/early 2000s.  Bring It On of course being one of them (and yes, I even own the DVD).  “Cheerocracy,” “cheer-tators” and of course “spirit fingers”…they don’t make em like that anymore! 😛

So this sorta ties into yesterday’s speed session.  We were already warned in advance that it was “tough”, “can not miss,” “a chance to determine fitness levels”…basically I interpreted it as being a time trial of sorts.  4 x 1200 meters, hard.  OK, by definition this shouldn’t be so bad…I mean I did 5 x 1000 last week.  But the way it was being built up made me a little nervous.  You remember what happened last time there was a time trial of sorts?  Major chokage up in there…

(BTW, not much to tell about Tuesday’s workout…was a combo MP/tempo workout.  The first MP portion was a little fast, but I hit the tempo and the 2nd MP portion dead on.)

So in order for the Urban coaches to determine target times, we had to forward any upcoming race goals…which of course I did for the New Haven 20K and for Chicago.  However, I was a little surprised to see 5:03 next to my name, as that seemed scary fast.  (Actually, I saw a couple of the group 1 times were similar and thought mine was a mistake…then I remembered that Group 1 was running 1400 meters instead of 1200.)   I even asked a coupla people “does that look like a 0 or a 2?”  Coach JM even confirmed that it was indeed 5:03, that was based on my race goals…but to try not to worry about the numbers and just run hard.  Guess I have no choice but to “bring it!”

So…short warmup to the North meadow softball fields and then it was go time!  As we got going, I was surprised to be near the front, knowing other girls in the group were faster than me…but eventually the group sorta fell into place and I was either 3rd or 4th.  I was running hard-was definitely feeling the effort moreso than usual…and that was rewarded with a 4:55 for the first 1200.  Hmmm ok-is that legit or did I really go out too fast?  The next 2 were both 4:57, which was still in the ballpark so it was for real.  The last one I had to show no mercy on…or as Coach JM said “make it hurt!”  If anything, I felt my lungs had the harder effort than my legs…they were definitely burning after each interval and there was some, uh, heavy breathing on my part in the last 400m of each interval.  But anyways, I closed with a 4:52.

The exact stats:

Distance Time Pace
1200m 4:55.81 6:36.72
1200m 4:57.72 6:39.28
1200m 4:57.55 6:39.05
1200m 4:52.90 6:32.81

 Ok, the coaches were right.   That I could run 5:03’s, if not better.  I guess they believed in me more more than I do.  And I was “warned” that the ante was gonna be upped for the future based on this…I said “bring it on!”  Speedwork is supposed to be a challenge, right?

(and this may be sorta off-topic, as there was no beer in the fridge and the only open alcohol was red wine, I told myself I could treat myself to a Honey Moon if I nailed the workout.  That cold beer tasted quite good afterwards : )

And I leave you with another pic from yet another teen movie

"You better BRING it.""Oh, it's already been BROUGHTEN!"


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