necessary evils

…a V02 max workout of 5 x 1000m on tired marathon-training legs…

Time Distance Pace
4:22 0.61 7:08
4:18 0.62 6:58
4:18 0.62 6:55
4:18 0.61 7:00
4:14 0.62 6:52

This was actually a “not as bad as it sounds” workouts.  I mean, this isn’t supposed to be easy!  But by the 3rd 1000, I was feeling all the miles in my legs, and it was all I could do to maintain and not slow down (for what its worth, the loop for each repeat was the same, don’t know what was up with Mr. Garmin!  And even though the temps had dropped, the humidity was up there, so I chucked my singlet and ran the last 2 intervals topless (well but of course I had a sports bra on…so not totally shirtless?) and that seemed to help.

…staying in on a beautiful Friday night in order to make some headway with cleaning house.  I move in a little over 2 weeks and feel like I’ll never be ready on time…

…running 18 20 miles sometime this weekend.  gotta stay on track with the Chi-town training, so to say…


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