long and hard

Oh get your minds out of the gutter…what were you all thinking?  I was referring to Tuesday’s workout.  Long being the mileage, hard…well it sounded harder than it actually was.  This was another one where pacing was crucial…

So I had a feeling when the coach asked us for our goal marathon paces that Tuesday’s workout was gonna be a MP workout of sorts.  Cool, works for me.  Then I got nervous when I saw the workout.  And a little more nervous when I was supposed to shoot for the lower end of that range (I said 8:15-8:20.)  Basically, this workout was part MP, part tempo.  Run a mile at MP.  Rest.  Run more than a mile at MP.  rest.  Run more than a mile tempo.  Rest.  Run more than a mile tempo again.  (Thankfully I got let off the hook for the 5th part of the workout, since I mentioned I was racing Saturday.  And told to stick to the assigned paces…no running “fake MP” or “fake tempo.”  Glad they’re looking out for me 🙂 )

Soooo…my goal paces were 8:15 for the MP portion, 7:37 for the tempo portion (hmmm 7:37 is another “magic” pace)…and this is what I did…

Split Time Distance Pace Avg HR Max HR
MP-1 8:21 1.01 8:18 136 163
MP-2 13:58 1.70 8:14 141 166
Tempo-1 13:00 1.71 7:36 147 175
Tempo-2 12:55 1.71 7:32 151 177

So basically, this was a workout to practice marathon pace, get a feel for it to prevent early pacing mistakes, and see if we have to readjust goals.  Quite a few of the people in my group that I usually stick with in workouts had MP goals more in the 8:30-8:45 range…a coupla others going for a 3:40 BQ.  I wondered if my marathon goal was too ambitious?  Only one way to find out…and I was pleased with how the MP portion turned out, as I felt in control the entire time-even the 2nd one which dealt with the west side hills.

I was a little bit more nervous about the tempo portion, remembering the last one that was a disaster…I barely got under 8’s, how will I be able to hold 7:37’s?  But coach DC tried to convince me I could do it…we shall see.  That first one (around the lower loop) actually went quite well, I was checking in with Mr. Garmin every quarter mile and was dead-on with the pace.  The second one was uphill…from west 72nd to 102nd street so my pacing wasn’t quite as smooth there.  In the last half-mile, there were a couple peeps  ahead of me, but I wanted to stick to the pace…didn’t want to leave Saturday’s race in the workout.  But a strong finish, I could do.  And was more than happy to be done after that one! 🙂

I was definitely pleased with this workout, moreso than some of the shorter intervals…maybe that’s just where my strength is, in distance?  But at the very least, I walked away from the workout thinking that sub-3:40 just may be doable for the first time in weeks.  But hitting it in workouts can only go so far…gotta bring it on race day.  And I intend to bring it on Saturday.  (or at the very least, hopefully have a better race than that ridiculously humid 5K last month!)

Oh, and I just may have good news on the apartment front…stay tuned! 😉

3 thoughts on “long and hard

  1. BLAH. I really really don’t like long workouts, so I understand why this one sounds like a bore. But you apparently whupped it, so no matter. Also, just noticed your HR – that’s pretty amazing. I’m fairly certain that when I run 8:18 pace, especially on hills, I’m easily up in the 150s. Do you use the monitor on all runs?

  2. It helped that it was broken up into chunks. Was a good one to work on the mental game for 26.2. Also helped that I had at least a coupla people to pace with-not sure I’d be liking it so much if I were solo 🙂

    Yep-I use the HRM on most of my runs. I think the reason why the average was so low was because the intervals were relatively short and we got full recovery…the max HRs for each one are more likely of what I’d hit if I ran 8:15s for an extended period of time (like when I ran Grete’s last yr with the last few miles at MP.)

  3. Nice article there about running…I learn so much things there…I like your run stories too…:D

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