the hardest kind of shopping

Nope not swimsuit shopping.  Not even running shoe shopping, which I had said at one point I dreaded more than swimsuit shopping (and I do dread swimsuit shopping.)

Nope, it’s apartment shopping.  I’ve got 1 month left to find something and honestly I didn’t remember it being this hard 7 and 9 years ago.  In fact, as I noted a few years back, I was able to find places pretty quickly.  (And looks like I also said I wouldn’t give up a place within stumbling distance of the park if I didn’t have to…but circumstances happened where I have to.)  And it’s not like I have a boyfriend I can move in with in case I don’t find a place in time.  (ah yes, just another thing to add to the why-it-sucks-being-single-in-NYC list!)  Plain and simple if I don’t find something new by the end of the month…needless to say I’m getting a bit nervous.  I did see a place a coupla weeks back on the UWS that I loved, however due to miscommunication among the landlord and brokers, apparently it was snatched up before I could apply for it.  Back to the drawing board…

And of course speedwork is a good stress relief.  Last nite the coaches decided to go easier on us after giving us some tough stuff the last coupla weeks-just a plain and simple workout of 20 x 100m to focus more on form than speed…

Interval Time Distance Pace
1 0:22.65 0.05 6:59
2 0:22.27 0.06 6:30
3 0:23.00 0.06 6:34
4 0:21.97 0.06 5:55
5 0:21.95 0.06 5:55
6 0:22.72 0.06 6:12
7 0:21.72 0.06 6:07
8 0:22.15 0.06 6:24
9 0:21.92 0.06 6:02
10 0:22.27 0.06 6:05
11 0:22.04 0.06 6:13
12 0:20.85 0.06 5:51
13 0:22.37 0.06 6:12
14 0:21.79 0.06 6:09
15 0:20.79 0.06 5:41
16 0:21.00 0.06 6:01
17 0:20.55 0.06 5:55
18 0:21.01 0.06 5:56
19 0:20.30 0.06 5:39
20 0:20.00 0.06 5:40

Though we weren’t supposed to worry about the time, and I really didn’t look at it til afterwards (well moreso to make sure I did 20 as I lost count!)  but was pleased with the consistency and the effort, as I wasn’t going all-out (like in last Thursday’s workout).  Wore the Lunar Racers again and they still worked like a charm!  And I didn’t feel beat-up, which was also the point-to set ourselves up to have a good long run this weekend.  And considering my first 20 is this weekend, I’ll need all the prep work I can get…


2 thoughts on “the hardest kind of shopping

  1. Again, great work on the track! Sorry on stress of apartment search. I know it must be frustrating.

    Great to see you last night for part I. Hope to see you for part II and part III!

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