cool it now

OK, so doing a long run the morning after a tough speed workout may not be the smartest thing ever. (though how is that much different than racing Saturday and doing the long run Sunday?)   However, thanks to the wonders of scheduling (read: being out of town for the weekend to trek upstate for a wedding), I had to get my 16 miler in on Friday-knowing that Saturday would be a travel day (didn’t think driving 4 hours after running 16 miles would be the best thing)   But apparently, the timing couldn’t have been better as it was cloudy and (relatively) cool.  So just hit the west side highway to give my legs a treat of a flat surface after the previous night’s torture…ran up almost to the Little Red Lighthouse, down to Chelsea Piers, then back home.  It was raining a little, which actually felt nice!!  With about a mile to go however, I spotted a waffle truck by the path and was soo tempted to cut my run short and grab a waffle…but was too close to the end, had to keep going 🙂  When i was done, I was done! 🙂  Kept the intensity really dialed back to be on the safe side, and still averaged around 9:15s, which I guess I’m satisfied with.

Saturday was a travel day and was more than happy to leave  behind the inferno that NYC had transformed back into-at least for a coupla days 🙂  (Especially after reading all the updates on facebook about the Queens half-congrats to everyone who ran-whether you finished or not.  Seriously.)   So I got in around 10K worth of miles 😛 on Sunday in weather that actually sorta mirrored the weather for my Friday run.  Even though Ithaca (where the wedding was) is known to be hilly, thankfully this morning’s route was flat.  Why?  Well despite the weather, my legs felt dead and tired and I was as slow as shit…don’t know if it was the 4-hour drive, or wearing heels to the rehearsal dinner the night before, but either way, my legs did not want to get with the program.  Whatever, was still 6.2 miles in the book to give me 43 for the week…I’ll take it.

And as for the actual wedding?  It was a lovely ceremony, the weather cleared up just in time for it to be a perfect afternoon for the ceremony.  The happy couple looked amazing.  The reception was a great time…friends, food, dancing (sorry couldn’t find an F word to fit in) and fireworks!!  No joke about that one 😛

Oh yeah and guess who caught the bouquet? 😉  Guess speedwork came in handy as the bride had a better arm than expected and the bouquet landed on a table, meaning the single ladies had to hustle for it-and the winner was whoever got to it first.  However, I’m not quite a believer in the whole “whoever catches the bouquet is the next bride” myth.  I mean, I caught the bouquet at a wedding 10 years ago…and in those 10 years, my marital status never changed…

4 thoughts on “cool it now

  1. yes. the queens half was a tough battle.
    i was in the Ithaca area for a wedding too! mine was on Sunday at Taughannock Falls! its so nice up there. the reception was at a winery over at Seneca lake. i wanted to swim in it so bad.

    • I heard that the new course was nice, but they need to get it out of the summer. I don’t blame anyone who took a DNF-that was not the day to be a hero.

      Too funny that you were in the area that weekend too!! The one I went to was on Sunday as well, nice outdoor ceremony and reception at a banquet hall. If I had more time it would have been fun to see the wineries. But we hit up the farmer’s market and I bought a bottle of blueberry wine that was from a winery in-get this-Marathon, NY!! (and we drove through that town en route to ithaca too!)

  2. Hey you could have come on out on Monday for a hilly run;) hehe!

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