two-for-tuesday (and thursday!)

well this week really marked my first double workout week-basically doing workouts with Urban twice as a week as opposed to once.  (yeah last week I had the 5k, and i did the underwear run at tempo pace, but I don’t really count that as it wasn’t exactly structured group workouts.)  So basically this falls into my plan-tempo one day, speed/vo2 max the other day.

Tuesday was tempo.  And this was a tough workout for me.  I mean yeah, 3 times the lower 1.7 mile loop is tough by definition, but…

Lap Time Distance Pace Avg HR Max HR
1 15:05 1.71 8:49 142 154
2 14:05 1.71 8:13 160 168
3 13:39 1.71 7:58 171 176
Total 42:49 5.13 8:21 158 176

I just felt “off” this entire workout.  Part of it…for whatever reason I had gotten placed in group 3 instead of group 2 for this workout.  And I think as a result of that, the first lap was a bit slow…so I ran ahead for laps 2 and 3 but I felt like I was running solo.  I think it’s better for me to be with a group I can really stick with and pace with, rather than be way in front of the next group back.  Plus the lower loop was packed with people that I had to dodge the entire time.  Either way, when all was said and done, I felt the time was just way too slow for the effort-and for what I thought my tempo pace should be.  I was so ready to change my goals for Chicago after this one…seriously, I felt I would be lucky to run under 3:50…forget about 3:40.

Wednesday was a nice leisurely run with Runner26…ended with some wine consumption.  Ahh perfect for recovery 🙂

So obviously Thursday was V02 max and it was gonna be a 5K of sorts.  Basically, we were gonna cover 3.1 miles worth of hard intervals, with rests in between…and add up the time, as that is supposedly what someday we could achieve in a 5K race.  I’m not sure I believe it but I’ll play 🙂

Split Time Dis-
Pace Elevation Gain Elevation Loss
1 1:41 0.27 6:23 0 0
2 1:50 0.31 5:59 0 35
3 2:45 0.42 6:33 0 13
4 2:47 0.40 6:54 31 0
5 3:42 0.53 7:02 21 0
6 1:57 0.30 6:30 0 24
7 1:31 0.24 6:21 0 19
8 1:54 0.29 6:31 0 16
9 0:50 0.14 5:58 0 0
10 0:58 0.16 6:02 11 0
Total 20:00 3.06 6:32 63 108

I will admit to starting this workout too fast…had a little bit of pent-up anger from the work day…plus I think I wanted to “redeem” myself after Tuesday.  Then again, the first coupla ones were downhill too.  #4 and #5 were the toughest two…the west side hills!!  However, I did feel the wheels coming off for the last 2…either I did go out too fast and I was feeling it, or I just suck at sprinting!!  But either way, I did try and give it everything for that last one…and had to laugh as I looked at Mr. Garmin…20-flat!!  Oh if only I knew I was so close…could I have given it that something extra to get that last second?  But either way, I think this was a much better workout than the other nite-this night I was in Group 2 and I find it much better for me to work with and pace with.

And afterwards, I went back to the store for some running retail therapy…hope to try out my new purchase on Tuesday nite 🙂


7 thoughts on “two-for-tuesday (and thursday!)

  1. So…I think I saw you during the Thursday workout. I was going to say something, but, like, what do you say? HEY BLOG PERSON!! HI!! That’s weird. You guys were motoring though (working under the assumption that was your group).

    • I bet you did see me-I spotted the CPTC group when we were recovering at west 72nd. If the group was mostly women with one guy that was my group…if it was mostly guys with 1 gal that was the group ahead of me. 🙂 Either way, I think everyone gave it a great effort that nite! Hope you had a good workout too.

  2. Nice speedwork, nyflygirl. Just remember not to “race” your workouts, as I’m sure your coaches will tell you, tempos are done at 70% effort, intervals are 90% effort…neither of which are meant to be 100% race effort. Keep them at the intensity they are meant to be run and you’ll be golden. Also remember that the weather has an effort on your times, so adjust your intensity accordingly. I think you’re fine for Chi-town!

    • Oh believe me I know not to “race” workouts-I’ve known for a very long time 🙂 And yeah, I know weather does effect times, yet I remember last time I did a similar tempo workout it was similar temps too so…

  3. Great splits and you will be ready for a 3:40. I’m in the process of joining a team and Urban Athletics is the frontrunner. How much did you pay for the workouts and why aren’t you wearing their outfit in the races? Thanks!

    • I’m actually a member of the New York Flyers (who I “officially” race for)-only do workouts with Urban because I like the coaching better. And they’re cool with it-nobody pressures me to race for UA instead of NYF. I think all the costs for the workouts are on their website…

  4. great blog 🙂 i’ll see you thurs!!

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