fly-by post

off the grid (sorta) for 3 days. felt like the longest 3 days ever!! I don’t think I could ever go that long without any type of computer access again. (Yeah, I have the crackberry, but there is only so much that can do.) Thankfully, this “issue” looks to be resolved today…yay!!  So basically, enough time to do a “drive-by” post…or in my case, a “fly-by” 😛 summing up the last few days.

Thursday-yes, I actually took to the mike with some karaoke.  My choices were more on the 80’s side, though I had to do an N’Sync song for my last one (i blame whoever sang the Backstreet Boys for planting that one in my head!  So said karaoke was just part of a farewell…I don’t think “celebration” is the right word…to one of the Flyers who is leaving the country and will definitely be missed!

Friday-yes, I did brave it up enough to run the Underwear Run yet again.  Yes, I know I was hardly in shape for it.  Let the “muffin top” comments begin!!  As for the color choices this year…as I already had the pink top, I was sorta imitating Kara Goucher’s outfit in last year’s Boston Marathon.  Just needed the shoes for the outfit to really have been complete.  (oh yeah, and to lose 20 pounds.)  As for the run, I ran a coupla miles beforehand, and took the 1.7 at tempo effort…the sooner I finished, the sooner I could get to the Flyers’ TGIFF happy hour at the Boathouse!

Saturday-thankfully, a group of Flyers were planning on a 5-bridges run, helped me get my butt out of bed early enough to run over from the west side and meet them.  Very nice group, kept the pace easy (thank god, because if it wasn’t the heat, but all the climbing!) and some who haven’t run this route before liked the “sightseeing.”  By the time we finished the initial route at Canal Street, I still had about 4 miles to go to get me to 18 miles, so I just ran back uptown solo til I hit 18.  All in all, a little better than in previous weeks, but still pretty slow…was a “just get the miles in” effort.

I pretty much avoided the park…that morning there was a points race, the Run for Central Park 4M.  Felt a little bad not being in the park to support the team, but this was really the better of the 2 days for me to get the long run in, and if I had the option to meet a group…i took it.  But the Flyers did well-especially our female masters and veteran teams!!  Gives me hope…?

Sunday-watched the NYC Tri!  And ran short later in the day…as I have said in past years,  if the triathletes were able to run a 10K on such a ridiculously hot day, plus a swim and bike ride beforehand, I had no excuse.  Took it very easy as the quads were still feeling Saturday’s run.  And yesterday was a well-deserved day off!!

Hopefully I can post/comment on a more regular basis now!  And I leave you with some more pics from last week’s 5k…

the race start...flyer ST is in the black singlet next to me

nearing the finish...need to hold off mr. red shirt...

couldn't do it. damn.


9 thoughts on “fly-by post

  1. fantastic 5 bridges run! no doubt you were also running it with E? The photo finish red singlet shots are great too. his outfit is a little ridiculous.

  2. Thanks for the link to Fit-Ink’s coverage of Kara Goucher’s Boston outfit. I like your blog! And I totally had to do a double take when I saw the picture–you looked like Kara. I’m jealous of your active weekend! Sounds like fun! Hope you’ll read Fit-Ink again.


  3. I agree. Mr. Red Shirt looks like of ridiculous. Look at him overstriding…not to mention those shorts. Are those basketball shorts? He clearly doesn’t belong. I hope he took his victory in stride!

    BTW, I can’t believe I missed out on so much last week. Farewell party, TGIFF, and 5 Bridges Run? Any of those would have made me happy. Stupid marathon training. 😦

    • maybe those were like the NB shorts that we were given out at that flyer run…remember the guys versions were like almost knee-length? And ya know, you coulda gone to one or more of those events…don’t forget I’m marathon training too! (though I know you had priorities on Saturday morning-congrats to lil bro!)

    • OK I just looked up that kid’s (19 yrs old) time…apparently i finished ahead by less than a second! we were both 23:24, i got him on the hundredths of a second. i’ll take it 🙂

  4. haha the skivvies run 😉 looks like it was fun. and i’m w/ lam–feeling like i missed out on so much!

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