at least the after-party was fun

Stating the obvious-summer racing is a struggle. Even with the short stuff.  Obviously the Party With Purpose 5K did not go as hoped…as my splits show.

Mile Time Distance Pace
1 7:28 1.03 7:16
2 7:43 0.98 7:52
3.1 8:13 1.11 7:24
Total 23:24 3.12 7:30

If you remember, I set my PR here last year…so was a little disheartening to run about a minute slower this year.  However, looking at the conditions…96-97% humidity this year during the race…as opposed to 43-46% last year.  I’m not trying to use the weather as my excuse, but plain and simple-conditions like that affect me.

Hey, at least the show went on…as there were downpours during the day and knowing (from my brother, a Hoboken resident) that the roads get flooded, there could have been a possibility of a course modification.  But as I warmed up along the 1st/3rd miles (this is an out-and-back of sorts) I saw the roads were fine.  However, I was drenched after 2 warm-up miles and had a feeling I might be in for a tough race.

yeah, i look pissed about my race after finishing.

So one great improvement this year-chip mats at the start…yay for net times!  I saw Flyer ST and lined up near him…he was cracking me up by quoting the announcers before the NYRR races 😛  Oh and even though there were chip mats at the start, lining up was still a free-for-all as I overheard the woman behind me saying that she would run around 30-32 minutes.  We started a little late, as the roads needed to be cleared, but finally we were off…

So I thought I could try to stick with ST but after a quarter-mile knew I’d be asking for trouble doing so (and he’d go on to finish 2 minutes ahead of me.)  Once I saw my first mile split I knew it wasn’t gonna be my day…but kept plugging along anyway, hey maybe I could negative split, right?  Not sure what happened in mile 2…I know thats usually slower in 5ks, but that seemed a little too much…the sharp turnaround was in this mile which didn’t help.  Now I just had to suck it up for the last 1.1 miles.  I was able to pick it up, and did finish stronger than I did in this race 2 years ago, but the overall time still left something to be desired.

rollin' with the (UA) homies

Went for a 2-mile cooldown with a few of the UA guys, and we all agreed that it was a tough night.  Though a lot of them placed in their age groups, I think we all wanted our times to be a little faster.  Original plan was to hit one of the bars but we stopped by the beer garden/after-party instead so the guys could claim their awards…and wound up staying.  And I did have a good time!!  Good to chat and kick one back with these guys outside of the workouts.  Though man, was it crowded…I had to double-fist just so I wouldn’t have to wait on a long line again 😛

Not sure what to make of my race.  I should be in shape to run under 23 in a 5K.  My Brooklyn time predicts 22:10, the 4-miler I did back in April predicts 22:37, even the Mini 10K-which was an off-day-predicted 23:03…and the Mini was on a hilly course whereas this one was flat.  (I will say, this is a great course and I’d love to get a shot at it in cooler conditions.)  But what’s concerning me is that none of my recent races say I am in shape to run a 3:40 marathon, unlike this time last year.  Was last summer really that much better, weather-wise than this year?

Originally I considered doing this Saturday’s 4-mile race in Central Park as redemption of sorts, but I’m not sure I will fare much better and I need to get a long run in.  Wait it out til Club Champs next month and hope things go better then!

5 thoughts on “at least the after-party was fun

  1. Yes, last summer was freakish. I remember doing long runs in the middle of the day and it was still in the 70s! Quite simply: we’re having summer this year. Keep grinding away, all of this work WILL pay off.

  2. It has been a rough week for running. That’s what I’m saying over and over this week. Seriously! Sorry the PATH ride wasn’t quite worth it…

  3. I think sometimes we have a tendency to make races the”be all and end all” of our training,sure nobody likes to run slower than they know they can but looking at the bigger picture this race or any race you run between now and Chicago is just a piece of the puzzle.
    If you’re still feeling bummed out about this race try to put that into your long run this weekend,negatives can be turned into positives w/ the right mindset.

  4. Last summer was DEFINITELY cooler so don’t be disheartened by your recent race times. All mine are the same, but I know it’ll be a lot better once fall hits. If you need confirmation on this fact, go on a treadmill and do a short tempo run and see how much faster you are in cooler temps. I did that this week and was blown away by what I found!

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