Yeah, I’ve been sorta MIA on the WWW for the last few days.  Why you ask?  Well I haven’t had computer access since Friday-except at the office, and that little thing called work has kept me too busy to blog and/or comment on blogs.  Hell, even with the CrackBerry, I’ve found it hard to keep up with things on Facebook…I’m sure I’m behind in my birthday greetings and other congrats.

Drama, you ask?  Well maybe.  Something that happened in the last few days (not going into it here-if you know me “off the blog” you can ask) has spearheaded an unexpected upcoming change-an apartment move.  Even though I love my neighborhood, it’s definitely time to move on from my apartment at the very least, for several reasons.  Though if I can find another place on the UWS, I wouldn’t cry or anything 🙂  So this is gonna be something to keep me quite busy for the next month or 2.  Here’s hoping it is a little easier and less stressful than when I was looking 7 years ago at this time…

As for running/Chi-town training…it’s still happening.  Not feeling too confident though.  My original plan for my long run this weekend was to do 10 miles before the NYRR Dash and Splash 10K (which I did actually sign up for to get pool access afterwards…plus its just the right thing to do) but due to a certain turn of events, a long run Saturday just wasn’t happening (though a short one did.)  I did get my 16 in on Sunday…but it was a struggle.  Was partially my fault for not getting out the door until 10 am, even though I had the alarm set.  But even with gels, gatorade, water (i did have my fuel belt on) I didn’t feel strong at all.  Starting with mile 9, I almost wanted to call it quits every mile, and my last few miles were over 10 minutes each so I was really hurting 😦   Was just a bad run-so bad that I was seriously considering adjusting my goals for Chicago.

And hopefully tonite’s 5K action will still go on as planned.  Whether it rains or not, I’m still running.  But knowing how flooded Hoboken streets get, methinks there may be a course “modification” or 2.  That’s ok…nothing wrong with running another short “5K” … 😛


6 thoughts on “ch-ch-changes

  1. i always have bad runs when training–and the summer is the worst time to expect good things. hang in there–you’re talent & dedication will pay off come 10-10-10!

  2. i meant “your” talent & dedication.. haha (was distracted IMing or something ;))

  3. Good luck w/ the move.
    Don’t beat yourself up too much over Sundays 16 miler,it’s almost a given that in the build up to a marathon,one or two long runs won’t go to script,trust me I have a few painful memories of a few”soft shoe shuffles”over the closing miles of a long run,grinding it out sometimes is the only positive you’ll take at the time,but come marathon day those experiences go a long way.
    Having to train for Chicago in July and August can be harsh,I remember some swelteringly hot days in 02,but come early to mid October they paid off.
    One bad run is not the be all and end all of a marathon build up trust me on that

  4. I think we all die a slow death running and training in the summer, especially this year with the heat and humidity. It has been insane, hasn’t it? I keep thinking one more more week and the weather will be cooler and the speed/fitness will return. Seriously, chicago can’t come soon enough. I may melt into the ground before then.

    Good luck with your apartment hunt! If Manhattan doesn’t work out, you can always move to Queens =)

  5. For what it is worth, I always suffer from a little set back when I make them leap from the 10ish long runs to the much big bites at the running sandwich. Between the heat, life stuff and lots of mileage it is bound to happen. Hang in and keep working at it. Good luck!

  6. No idea what you’re looking for in a new apt, but I absolutely love mine and would be happy to pass on the info!

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