hot in herre

Its gettin’ hot in here (so hot)
So take off all your clothes
I am gettin’ so hot
I wanna take my clothes off!

OK, couldn’t resist some more lyrics…a sorta oldie, but goodie…if I remember correctly, this was “the” summer song of 2002!

And considering this week’s heat wave, those words sorta fit…as lotsa shirtless guys were spotted in Central Park this week 😛

So if I thought Monday was a scorcher, was still nothing compared to Tuesday and Wednesday, as the mercury hit triple digits both days!!  While I did try and spend as much time indoors and in air conditioning (thankfully I didn’t get a robo-call from ConEd asking me to curb the AC usage) yes I still got out and ran both days.  Though both days, I kept the intensity easy.  Even Tuesday, which was supposed to be a speed day…and all day I was debating whether or not to go and do 100m repeats that nite, or go to Thursday’s workout with hopes of relatively better weather.   I decided that I wasn’t gonna gain anything by pushing myself in the heat, and just did an easy 7 instead.  Just dressed as minimally as possible, wet my hair before running out the door to help keep a little cooler, and stopped for water a lot…got through it.  And for the most part, I was thinking “wow, I’ve never seen Central Park this empty on a Tuesday nite.”  Then I saw some purple and yellow 😉

And I did see the UA peeps who did decide to do the workout…and aferwards wondered if I did the right thing by wussing out.  But now I know I did the right thing, as tonite’s weather was much better than Tuesday, and I think a nice VO2max workout of 600m repeats was what my legs needed…crazy as it sounds.  My group was slated to do between 5 and 7 repeats…while most in my group stopped after 5 or 6, me and one other guy decided to go for 7.  Good pacing helps!!  At least it helped me tonite.  check it out…

Distance Time Pace
0.38 2:37 7:00
0.37 2:36 6:58
0.37 2:34 7:02
0.37 2:36 6:58
0.37 2:34 6:52
0.37 2:31 6:47
0.37 2:29 6:42

(i don’t know what’s up with that first 2:34 being a slower pace than the 2:36’s and 2:37?  wish I knew the distance out to the third or fourth decimal places…)

So yeah, times in workouts are fine and good, but I know I got to put it together on race day.  I’m doing a 5K on Tuesday, the one that I PRed at last year actually.  (But unlike last year, I have no 5K monkey on my back!)  I really don’t think I’m in shape to PR though…and based on my time at the Mini 10K, I think I’d be lucky to run under 23 minutes for 5K.  We’ll see how it goes…


One thought on “hot in herre

  1. Ooh. I am almost tempted to do that 5K. We’ll see…the weather can’t be worse than this week, right? It’s pretty funny when 80 degrees and humid prompts runners to throw their hands up and cry “Joy!”…but that’s how it is now. Pace is so key in the heat. You feel great running at your normal pace, and then it can all degenerate very, very quickly.

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