hot on my heels

Well as the weekend’s heat was continuing into last nite, the coaches decided to have mercy on us and give us a workout appropriate for the conditions.  Meaning-short repeats (4 x 300 and 4 x 200, with full rests, to be exact.)  But short doesn’t equal easy, no way.  These were to be run all-out (suggested times for me-around 1:15 and 50 secs, respectively)  But after the first couple were way faster, the coach told me to not pay attention to what the times were supposed to be and if they were faster, that was alright.  (also mentioned that it’s possible that my fitness hasn’t caught up to my speed yet…hmm, I do remember hearing that once from someone else.  I actually thought it was the other way around-that my endurance was good but I have no speed!)  Even though the night was actually a little cooler than expected, these were tough, my lungs were definitely hurting!!


Distance Time Pace
0.18 1:06 6:06
0.19 1:06 5:57
0.19 1:08 6:04
0.18 1:07 6:06
0.11 0:42 6:09
0.12 0:42 5:49
0.12 0:42 5:46
0.12 0:41 5:50

Even though i was told to not pay attention to the times during the workout, I couldn’t help afterwards but be pleased with the consistency…I was actually afraid that I went out too fast and that I’d be paying for it at the end.  But I didn’t.  Only thing I wish had been better…I sorta alluded to here a month or so ago…that I get dusted on the short repeats by those who I can either keep pace with or finish ahead of in a race.  (Maybe that’s why I feel like I have no speed compared to endurance?)

So afterwards, I met up with my “other” red/white/black team 😉 …they were hitting the bar after their speedwork session.  And that’s where I got to sample this:

Absolut Brooklyn and tonic. Yum. This limited-edition flavor is red apple and ginger flavored and quite delicious.  I just may have to pick up a bottle myself to keep in the freezer for special occasions…

And sorta off the topic, but sorta on it, I’m still giving thought to what my “long” tuneup race during my marathon buildup should be.  I mentioned in the comments here that I was considering the New Haven 20K on Labor Day…but I’m considering this 10-mile race in Prospect Park.  I can add miles before and after to get to my intended long run mileage that week.  And despite the MTA being the MTA, would prolly be easier to get there than it would be to get to New Haven.  Plus it seems like having a long run on a Monday sorta screws with things 🙂  Guess I got a coupla weeks to decide…


3 thoughts on “hot on my heels

  1. Have you run New Haven before? I’ve run it for about 3 yrs and LOVE it! The first train out of Grand Central that morning will get you there in plenty of time to pick up your number, do all pre-race prep and line up 😉 Plus the post-race pizza opportunities on Wooster St can’t be beat!

    • Nope-haven’t run it before but have heard it’s a great race!! There seem to be really no half-marathons at a good time (i.e., not too close, time-wise to Chicago) but 20K is close enough…and it would be an automatic PR 😉 Are you running it this year? I looked at the train schedule and it looks like the first train gets there at 7:45 for an 8:15 start…is that cutting it too close?

  2. Nice work on the repeats,as I’ve said b4 the trick to repeats is being consistant almost like a flat line not an EKG chart w/ the numbers going up and down.
    As long as you can apply the fundementals of pacing from repeats to marathons you’ll be in great shape in October.

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