the heat is on

I guess I didn’t think about this part of training for an October marathon.  Having to motivate myself to suck it up and get the runs done, with the bulk of training being in the summertime.  And NYC was definitely a furnace this weekend.  On the running agenda for me-a 14 mile long run one day, short run the other day.

So…the original plan was to get up reasonably early on Saturday, and get in my 14 while watching part of the Pride Run 5-milerPlan A=FAIL.  Thanks to me inbibing a little too much at Brooklyn Brewery the night before…and I think my body was just tired from the week in general.  Slept til late morning, laid in bed for a coupla hours, fell asleep some more…needless to say a long run was not happening, as I was also distracted by watching soccer and track & field on TV.  So I got my short run in that day…

…and figured on a new plan.  Get up  reasonably early on Saturday, and get in my 14 while watching part of the Hope & Possibility 5-miler.  (after all, that worked well last year!)  Plan B=FAIL.  The alarm sounded and I immediately turned it off.  And once I did get up I had to eat, have coffee, hydrate, get dressed, watch Beverly Hills 90210 reruns on SoapNet for the umpteenth time.  Needless to say, my 14 wasn’t getting started til the afternoon.  Not ideal but I figured I’d keep the effort dialed back and hydrate lots.  And minimize my park time with running up and down the East River path, and even an out-and-back over the Queensboro Bridge.

Plan C=accomplished, but it wasn’t pretty.  This 14 kicked my ass.  For god’s sake, the Brooklyn Half felt easier, and that was almost 2 minutes per mile faster.  Was just one of those runs where I don’t know how I’m supposed to do a full 26.2 at a pace a minute and a half faster (yeah I was that slow yesterday.  Or it could have been Mr. Garmin screwing up.  I’m hoping it was the latter.)  Yeah, I know the timing wasn’t ideal.  But I didn’t have much of a choice at that point…I had to get it in.

Needless to say, today was a non-running day.  The air conditioning in the NYSC was what I needed.  But I returned home to see a message on the answering machine from ConEd urging all Upper West Siders to curb their electricity usage.  Hmmm, what the hell am I doing on the computer blogging then… 🙂


10 thoughts on “the heat is on

  1. I’ve come to the conclusion that running any sort of decent pace on a long run in this weather is just impossible. I’m banking on the hope that those faster paces will feel a lot easier in the slightly cooler Chicago fall air.

    And at least you got your long run in! I never even did mine. I *have* to do something in the two-hour range this weekend. Ugh.

  2. I’m in the same boat, why do I train for marathons in the summer?!?!?! All we can do for this cycle is hope for the best weather-wise and deal with the stuff we get and just slow it down. If you wanna get some LRs in together, I’m game!

    • It beats the hell outta long runs in subzero weather!! 🙂 I’d definitely be up for an LTR or 2 if our schedules mesh…are you doing the NYRR LTR the first weekend of August, BTW? I’m a paceleader for the 9:30 group…

  3. At least you got it done. What doesn’t dehydrate you into a potato chip makes you stronger. Or really, really thirsty. How do you like Brooklyn Brewery, by the way? I’ve wanted to go on one of their free tours for a while, but haven’t gotten my act together.

    • was definitely thirsty!! I downed a bottle of Gatorade faster than a tequila shot 😛

      Brooklyn Brewery was cool-actually when I went it wasn’t a tour…what they do is open up their tasting room for a happy hour of sorts. Only catch is you gotta get there early if you want a place to sit. But there was definitely some delicious stuff on tap!! More info about it is here:

  4. yikes! it was HOT on sunday! (and sat and pretty much every day) the WSH can be tough b/c the sun beats down on you. nice job getting the 14 done!

  5. I use ConEd but got no notification and this is the first I’m hearing about the plea to reduce electricity… wonder why they skipped my apartment?

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