moving on to the next one

Thanks to everyone who commented on my race report.  After a few days, I’m officially done dwelling on that race, got bigger fish to fry in the weeks/months to come.

Which included a nice, easy 12-miler on the west side path on Sunday…my long run for the week.  I’m thinking that a good chunk of my long runs-not all of them though-should be on completely flat surfaces…to kinda get my legs used to using the same muscle groups over and over again instead of using the hills to change things up…

And I did do speed on Tuesday.  I was harboring a bit of anger from my day at work.  Two meetings that day, both sucky.  The first one, my boss interrupts me and finishes saying something I was gonna say…except not as nice as I would have though.  Not to mention her going off on one of the interns for making a mistake while he was learning the process…I swear, was like picking on kittens!!  Then the second meeting-total waste of my time (and the time of a coupla others there.)  Dontcha just love sitting through hour-long meetings when the only part that is relevant to you is in the last 5-10 minutes?  So glad I didn’t have other work that needed to get done…

So yeah, I had some frustration to take out on the dog track.  And it’s funny that I mentioned the “Devil’s Advocate” 👿 in my previous post…well some of our repeats were 666 meters!! (2 loops of the track, with 3 loops being about 1K)  Evil I tell ya! 😛  Anyway, this is how it went:

Why, oh why, couldn’t these legs have shown up on Saturday instead of Tuesday nite…oops I did it again 😛  But was a nice group out that nite…some good energy in the air.  Or something.  And the coach is trying to convince me to do the final Icahn meet this coming Tuesday!!  When he advised I do it…oh you could sense the fear I had.  Of getting owned by the track again.  (Just thought of something-kinda reminds me of the Kara Goucher Runner’s World article…the part where Alberto told her to run a 10K and she was like “no way”…due to some bad memories from a previous one.)  Then again, I do need to work on some weaknesses…I’ll think about it.

But first, gotta get through tomorrow’s Corporate Challenge.  I’m thinking  just defend my title of being first for my company, and beat my old time of 27:40 and I’ll be happy…not really expecting much more due to the crowds.  Maybe run with a friend or 2 if I run into them.  But I do still intend to get there early and get a decent spot…it’s a thing with me (plus also knowing my coworkers’ track record of actually leaving when they say they will…)

Finally, I wanted to post the one good Brightroom pic I got from Saturday (the rest were the usual “where’s Waldo”-esque pictures where you can barely see me.  I swear, those photogs don’t like me.  Thank god for our team photographers!)  Anyways…

carnation wars! 🙂


6 thoughts on “moving on to the next one

  1. Good Luck at the Corporate Challenge,and maybe I’ll see you at Icahn on Tuesday?

  2. I’ll let you in on a little secret….probably the 800m,I’ve been caining my 1,000m repeats recently to the point where I feel I still have 2.02 800m speed so since I need a current 800m time to submit as a seed time for Nationals in 6 weeks,Icahn is my last meet b4 then so I think it’ll be the 800m,if I wasn’t so gung ho on lowering my mile pr I’d run the 800m tomorrow at Henderson and the 1,500m at Icahn,happy the runner so spoilt for choice on his/her distances!!

  3. Those carnations were of piss poor quality. Mine snapped almost immediately, and I felt like a flower-killer. Anyway…looks like you put your angst to work on the track!

  4. yay! love that pic! 😉

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