a mini (10k)-disappointment

Well I was hoping to have a happy, upbeat report for you all, my readers who gave me good wishes beforehand.  I won’t sugar-coat it…I was quite disappointed with my race at the Mini 10K yesterday.  Didn’t hit the A (sub 7:30 pace), B (PR/sub-47) or even C goal (beat last year’s time of 47:27)  Furthermore, I barely improved on the 10k race I ran 2 months ago.  By the numbers…a little comparison.

  Mini 10K
(June 2009)
Scotland 10K*
(April 2010)
Mini 10K
(June 2010)
Mile 1 7:28 7:38 7:29
Mile 2 7:33 7:33 7:36
Mile 3 7:34 7:42 7:46
Mile 4 8:07 8:18 8:17
Mile 5 7:37 7:32 7:32
Mile 6 7:38 7:38 7:41
Last .2 mile 1:30 1:33 1:32
Final time 47:27 47:54 47:53
First 5K 23:29 23:45 23:47
Last 5K 23:58 24:09 24:06
  +0:29 +0:24 +0:19

*5k splits for the Scotland Run were approximate, as there was no chip mat.  Also, the first mile was up the hilly west drive as opposed to the flattish CPW mile of the Mini 10k.  Mile 2 was half CPW, half Central Park.  Miles 3 to the end are identical between the 2 races.

So instead of a mile-by-mile…here’s a little recrap. 

The start seemed similar to last year…jogged down to the start to warm up, lined up in the blue corral with a coupla teammates (and even got caught on the NYRR video-around 1:44 in-spreading the Flyer love…)  Waited through all the speeches…which included Paula and Kara (Paula was running, Kara wasn’t.)  Finally a few minutes after 9, we were off.

Again, I tried to keep things under control in the 1st mile and not take it out too fast, as that strategy worked last year.  However, I thought my first mile seemed a bit slower than I wanted…and miles 2 and 3 weren’t much better.  I actually felt weaker on the hill in mile 3 than I did last year.  Mile 4 was a slog as usual but I knew once I made it to 90th street, the worst was over.  And I was actually passing people in the last 2.2 miles.  Mile 6, my strategy was “run hard to the 800m to go sign, then run even harder.  Then show no mercy on that last .2”  Not sure how well that worked in mile 6…though I was sorta pleased with my finishing kick.  But then I looked down at my watch after crossing the finish line and thought “Are you f*cking kidding me?  I only ran 1 second faster than my last 10k?  After supposedly being better trained?”

Well at least getting my picture taken with Kara Goucher

me and runner26 with kara goucher!

…and getting Kara’s autograph too…

…made me feel a little better.  (as did the strawberry margaritas and electric lemonades at the Boat Basin that afternoon…)

I do realize by the numbers-my race time does not look so bad.  And I even ran a more, uh, even race this time.  But I can’t keep but feel I could have done much, much better, as my recent races and workouts have suggested.  I blame a certain someone or something called the Devil’s Advocate (DA.)  He showed up after the mile race at Icahn and made another appearance after this race.  Here is the conversation between myself and said Devil’s Advocate after the race.

Me: Well you know, every other time I had a bad race at the Mini 10K, I could never break 50.  So 47 and change is not so bad, right?

DA: But you should have done much, much better.  Why couldn’t your legs get with the program to run under 47 minutes?

Me: Well, there also was that Brooklyn half I ran 3 weeks ago…was I not recovered from it?

DA:  Well, several of your teammates and friends who ran and/or PR’ed in Brooklyn also ran well and/or PR’ed today.  Why couldn’t you?

Me: The weather wasn’t ideal..kinda humid…

DA: Oh please.  You should not be using the weather as an excuse…wuss.  That’s just weak.

Me: Well I did hit up the Flyers’ happy hour last nite…but I was smart, I didn’t drink too much-and in fact, I had the Blue Point Blueberry beer  that I had the night before my 10K PR.  And I left early to go home, carbo-load, hydrate and rest.

DA: Are you forgetting Thursday nite out to watch your coworkers’ beer pong tournament?  You should know better.  Remember this learning experience?  Wagon for you the night before a race, missy.

Me: Maybe I should have skipped Tuesday’s workout?  Though it really didn’t feel hard at all…

DA: Again, your friends who did speedwork on Tuesday still had good races today.

Me: And maybe I should not have worn heels on Friday…even though they weren’t really high heels…

DA: Vanity has no place in running and racing.  Haven’t you learned by now?

Me: Well this is my first week of training for Chicago…and I’m training for a marathon, not a 10K, right?

DA: But a 47:53 10K does not equate a BQ marathon.  Far from it.  You have a lot of work to do.

And so on and so forth.  I wish that damn Devil’s Advocate could just leave me alone.  I’m not making any excuses-I plain and simple had no game that day. I’m still unsure what to make of my race…as well as my current running fitness.  Did I really get slower in the last 3 weeks?

One final note-I do have to thank quite a few peeps for their great support and cheering…Flyers DK, JB, DR, RG, Bandanahead, Lam, JB24…GA and KM from Urban…oh, and TK!!  (at least I think that was you I saw in mile 6 🙂 )

Til next year’s race.  And Devil’s Advocate, please do not show up next year.  In fact, if you can stay away from my next race too that would be great.  thankyouverymuch. 🙂


14 thoughts on “a mini (10k)-disappointment

  1. Amen. I didn’t hit my A, B, C or Z goals. Ugh.

    I’m chuckling at your description of the inner-DA though. I totally do that too. “Well maybe I had a bad race because I forgot to put on my deodorant BEFORE brushing my teeth this morning. Yeah, that’s totally why I sucked.”

    • I guess I hit my Z goal-I didn’t walk once (I had to in both the 2005 and 2008 Minis!) 🙂 Club Champs in August. We’re all acclimated to the weather by then, well into marathon training, that will be redemption!

      Oh and I forgot to mention in my DA dialogue that I put my left shoe on before my right. Damn. That must have been what did me in too 😛

  2. Your DA can eat it. I truly believe that there is usually no rhyme or reason for unusually lackluster races. Unless it was a serious tactical error or a mental blowup, sometimes you’re just…eh. Not that it feels great at all. I think having that kick at the end should show you that you have the ability to run faster; it just didn’t come together for you today. And regardless of your stupid devil’s advocate, I do think the humidity took a toll on some. Like me. We’re all different and the heat affects us all different. Take that, inner dialog!

    • Look at you being all bossy to my devil with the red type 🙂 In a way, I exaggerated it a little in a humorous way, but I do always go through the “what ifs” and “whys” after races that don’t quite live up to expectations. All I can do it put it behind me and move on to the next. Congrats again on your great race!

  3. I’m laughing at the last part of this entry with the DA;) Anyway, feed from this experience – the marathon is about overcoming adversity and how you dictate your race from it. 10Ks I find personally harder than a marathon (yes, you heard me). It’s a balance of speed and endurance – you’re doing just fine right now. Peaking shouldn’t be happening anytime soon…look at it as a stepping stone for the big prize in October. Sometimes it’s just not your day…can’t wait to follow your trip to October. Cause I gotta feeling…;)

    • I knew you’d think it was funny-doesn’t it sound all too familiar to you? 😉

      It wasn’t so much that I expected a peak performance now, but I felt like I took a step backwards after Brooklyn. I had that great race, was primed for Chi-town training, and then a little let-down.

      I swear, it’s either feast or famine with this race!

  4. It’s a fact that we’re not gonna hit every race out of the park,you can show up at the starting line w/ all the self beliefe and confidence in the world but for whatever reason it just dosen’t happen.
    There will be other races and other days,sometimes a set back is away to refocus and get ready for the next battle,one race = a piece of the Chicago puzzle.
    It’s ok to second guess yourself,next time out you’ll remember what didn’t go right and make the adjustments….to Chicago…the march continues

  5. Who cares if you hit your goals you got a picture and an autograph from freaking Kara Goucher! In all seriousness it does suck, hang in there and dont let it weigh on your mind for your next race.. just move on and do great next time!

    • That (meeting Kara) did indeed cheer me up that morning. And it reminded me again that we really have the best sport ever…as one of my teammates said once, we’ll never hit a home run over the center field wall at Yankee Stadium, or play 18 holes with Tiger Woods (thank god for that!), etc…but we can toe the same starting line with the best of them!

  6. Hi there,

    I’m not so sure about this “DA” person. Heat and humidity can make a huge difference. I’ve been shut down by it more than once. I think too that this year we have not had much of a chance yet to really acclimate since it has gone hot/cold a number of times. Anyway, I think you did well. Remember every run is it’s own story.


  7. You’re way too hard on yourself. You ran very well. Weather is not an excuse, it’s a reality. While the humidity wasn’t terrible, it was less conducive to hammering than Scotland.

    You did great. Tell DA to shut up. 🙂

  8. 10Ks are easily the hardest races. I’ve decided that if I raced as hard as I could but didn’t get the time I wanted I’m “satisfied.” No second guessing. But, of course, an incentive to work a little better (not necessarily “harder”) so that racing as hard as I can is a little faster next time.

    I find it amusing that I’m not unique in having these conversations with myself.

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