the buddy system

Wow is it really Sunday evening?  Seemed like just hours ago that I was pondering the weekend’s festivities and drinks…

Well first let’s start with Friday nite.  Was sorta double-booked that nite…went out to a local bar with coworkers to celebrate someone’s b-day (and they indeed had Honey Moon on tap!!  yay!) but made an early exit…thankfully that was just when a certain “mouse” showed up 😛  2nd stop of the evening was out in Astoria, hitting up Studio Square-a newish beer garden (think it opened last year?) that I think trumps that “other” beer garden majorly.  Not only did they have Honey Moon, but they had this concoction that I lovingly referred to afterwards as “liquid crack.”

Best sangria. EVER.

Hmmm…considering this place is less than 1.5 miles from the Queensboro Bridge, I’m thinking that this just may have to be a long run destination sometime this summer… 🙂

So my original plan for Saturday was to get up on the early side and run 10 miles, while watching some of this 5K race and cheering on some of the Urban Athletics runners that I knew were running the race (and they all dominated! Nice work guys 🙂 )  But the snooze button won out, thanks to the liquid crack consumption from the night before, not to mention an even earlier wake-up call the next day (more on that later.)   And this also meant I had to do my run in the heat of the day…I need to acclimate, and the only way to do it is face it head-on, but still being smart about it (dialing the effort back, hydrating lots.)   10 miles in the bank, time to head out to Brooklyn to celebrate a friend finishing the CFA exam…nice nite to be outside, good company, good drink…late nite though!!  Didn’t get to sleep til 2 AM…that does not bode well for a 5:30 AM wake-up call!!

before the start

So I mentioned how I was running the Japan Day 4-miler.  And that I wasn’t “racing” it.  So what was I doing instead?  Well, me and some other Flyers were volunteering as “race buddies” for the NYRR Foundation’s “Young Runners” program.  Pretty much, running with the kids…as 4 miles is “long” for these kiddos, so they definitely appreciated having the support! 🙂  I got paired up with a sweet 11-year old boy who seemed very laid-back about the run!! 🙂  So even though I was given a yellow bib, a lot of us lined up in the pink corral (which I think may have been near the back?) as that was the color most of the kids had for their bibs.  (oh and since our registration was taken care of by NYRRF, it seemed a lot of us had different ages, paces, even gender on our bibs!!  A 40-year old guy teammate was a “33-year old female with a 7:19 pace” according to his bib…and I was like “hey thats me!” 😛  Anyway, getting off the subject…)

nearing the finish

So it took quite a while to get to the start line…over 5 minutes!!  And I didn’t realize how bad it has been in races, that no one seemed to line up correctly.  If there’s a bottleneck in the red or yellow corral, it works itself out soon enough, but it seemed like we were passing people the entire race.  So anyway, I kinda let my kid call the shots.  He set the pace when running (which was comfortable for me), and if he wanted to take walk breaks, we did just that.  After all, it was definitely not ideal racing weather…very hot and humid!  We walked through the water stops, and definitely appreciated the misting stations.  He couldn’t wait to hit the downhill last half-mile to the finish line…had a nice kick at the end, and I let him finish a coupla seconds ahead of me too 🙂  As for me, I was all too proud to clock my slowest time ever for a 4-miler…44 minutes even (which included several walk breaks!)

This was definitely a great experience!!  Surprisingly a “no pressure” situation (at least I didn’t feel any pressure…) and so much support during the race…between the other kids and other Flyers, we were all encouraging each other and cheering each other on.  And there were a lot of people cheering the kids on from the sidelines (I saw a lot of “Young Runners” signs.)  And in a way it puts things in perspective…remember when 4 miles felt like a long way to run?  I think I would do this again-I had fun! 🙂

And a nice way to close out the “pre-season.”  Starting tomorrow…game on!!  Chi-town style. 🙂


6 thoughts on “the buddy system

  1. Sangria is like a double treat in one: you get the tasty alcoholic drink, and the tasty, booze- and nutrient-filled fruit. Yay!
    Racing with a buddy sounds like fun! I’m certain I couldn’t run four miles when I was 11. Young adolescents have a pretty neat way of offering perspective on silly adult things…like semi-competitive running. It sounds like a program I’d be interested in helping out with.

    • I know…the alcohol-soaked apple pieces…yummmm.
      The kids just seemed so lax about the whole thing…just happy to finish, whatever time it is. I can’t ever be happy “just to finish” these days 🙂 But yeah-this was a great thing to do at least once!

  2. It was nice seeing you at Studio Square. Definitely a long run termination destination =)

    Good job with the buddy running. I seriously could’ve used a buddy in my race too =P

  3. Way to give back to the sport,good karma

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