when the mouse is away…

I can sure get used to these 3-day workweeks!! 🙂  Especially when a lot of “higher-ups” are out for a few days at a meeting…almost feels like being on vacation!!  Hence my post title…when the mouse is away, the rest of us shall play!! 🙂

And running-wise, it sorta feels like it’s the end of summer vacation in a way…as Chicago training starts officially on Monday.  Back to school, back to the grindstone, back to following a syllabus, back to not forgetting to do my homework.  But strangely, I’m thinking more of my 2 upcoming shorter races, especially the 10K.  (Maybe because it seems like it’s so early to be marathon training?)  I was doing some playing around with McMillan…and well here’s what I’m supposedly capable of based on my last 2 races.

Based on my latest 4-mile time…


And based on my Brooklyn Half time…

Yeah, I just may have a coupla numbers in mind. At the very least, an A and B goal.  (And even a rough number for 3.5 miles too!)  Weather permitting of course…it’s been crazy hot as of late, but hopefully having run in it for the last few weeks will prep me better than I have been in the past (unlike other years where it’s gone from cold to hot practically overnight!)

And right now, just waiting for the weekend to begin…summer fun planned for tonite and tomorrow, and then my “running summer vacation” will come to a close with the Japan Day 4-miler on Sunday.  However, I am not “racing” it…but doing something else which I think will be a lot of fun!! 🙂

And hopefully sipping one or more of these this weekend…happy summer!! 🙂

6 thoughts on “when the mouse is away…

  1. I am soooo in denial about Chicago training. It seems like it’s way too far down the line to think about at this point. But, alas. Welcome to early-morning-long-run season. Sigh.

    Is that a summery beer from Blue Moon? Haven’t seen it before! Must keep an eye out!

    Good luck at Japan Run on Sunday!! I’ll be out in BK 5K-ing!

    • not to mention early-morning-before-work-run season too…blah. Since all the marathons I’ve done so far have been either in late October or early November, I would have most of June to play before getting down to training, seems like it snuck up on me!

      Yep-Honey Moon is Blue Moon’s summer seasonal beer…good stuff. 😀

  2. Have fun on Sunday? Does the beer pic mean you’ll be having a drinking race? Because that would be dope. I, too, just got back to classes after a four-year hiatus. I guess it feels like summer vacation…except with reading.

    • no drinking during the race for me…there are some peeps that I’m running with that I will need to set a good example for :-p The beer just represented my Friday night hijinks… 🙂

  3. Wow those are some crazy times! What’s your A and B goal at the moment?

    • not sure if I want to actually say exactly what they are in writing yet 🙂 But I will say that one of those “predictions” says exactly what my B goal is…and the A goal is somewhere between there and the other one. May be subject to change between now and next Saturday though 🙂

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