2 is better than 3

well my post title, that should make sense, right? 🙂  2:59 marathon better than 3:00.  2nd place better than 3rd place (though in the case of Evan on Dancing With the Stars, I wish it would have been 1st!!  But Nicole was obviously the judges’ favorite…)

So wanting an extra coupla easy days after the half, I swapped my speed workout Tuesday for an easy run.  Afterwards, met up with some of the Flyers for drinks after their speed workout.  Had an interesting conversation with the Flyers’ assistant coach…which may or may not be mentioned in a future blog post.

That meant I’d be doing speedwork on Thursday.  And after being in the 3rd group for the first few weeks, my half time earned me a promotion to group #2 🙂  (though there were a couple peeps who said that I should have been in group 2 earlier.)  And of course, it also means the bar gets raised for me in workouts in terms of “prescribed” times but you know what, the times that were set for me to run for the last coupla workouts felt a little too easy, now I know why…

Original plan was short reps in the north end of the park, but the threatening weather conditions…thunder, lightning, rain caused us to resort to “plan B”: 12-14 200 meter reps near Engineer’s Gate…our aim was to try and get enough of them in before the weather took a turn for the worse, and if it did, we’d run hard on the reservoir instead.  I was hoping we wouldn’t have to resort to the rez, as I was wearing my brand spankin-new Saucony Fastwitches for the first time-what better way to break them in than with short reps, right?

Anyway, even though we still saw lightning and heard thunder, it wasn’t raining all that hard (and actually felt kinda nice!) and we were able to get a full workout in.  My first workout with group 2 went well, it was a good group to pace off of (whereas I’d be a little bit in front of group 3)…first rep of course too fast, settled in for the next few, picked it up near the end (especially I think #10, where there was a huge mass of gnats that we ran into that seemed to come out of nowhere!)  Anyway, the damage is as follows…a nice maiden voyage for the new shoes indeed!

Nice and consistent, right?  And getting it all done left me free to happily drink a few beers at Ginger Man with some of my favorite troublemakers 🙂  Indulged in a little too much Belgian beer goodness…I was hurting a little this morning, thank god for a half-day at work!!  (Great quote from my coworker who was chomping at the bit for quitting time to come: “I guess when the office closes and when I stop working are not always in agreement 🙂 “)  And on that note, yay for a long holiday weekend and the unofficial start of summer!!  Where does the time go…

I leave you with some more pics from the Brooklyn Half…

early miles in da park

leaving the park at mile 7...hence me hitting the split button on my watch!

approaching the finish!

another post-race posterity pic


3 thoughts on “2 is better than 3

  1. Nice work on the repeats,impressive that #2 through #10 were in decending order.
    Keep up the good work
    Congrats on moving up to the 2nd group,keep this up and you’ll be in the 1st group b4 too long

  2. Carniege Hall=pratice,practice,practice……….
    As a New Yorker I thought you’d get a kick out of that!

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