no sleep til brooklyn-redux

Wake up in the morning feeling like P Diddy
Got my (Adidas) Tempos, I’m out the door
I’m gonna race this city
In mile 8, Tangerine PowerGel for a snack
‘Cuz when I leave Prospect Park
I ain’t coming back!!

Don’t stop, make it pop
Gonna blow my Brooklyn PR up
This time, Imma fight
‘Til I see the finish line
Tik tok, on the clock
But the half-mary don’t stop, no
Whoa whoa oh oh, Whoa whoa oh oh…

(lyrics taken from the infamous song “Tik Tok” by Ke$ha, modified for the Brooklyn Half :))

So if this post title seems familiar….uh it’s prolly cuz I used a similar one the day before the Brooklyn Half 4 years ago.  And considering I’m catching a 5:30 am bus from the UWS (god bless the Flyers, specifically Dr. Evil for organizing this again-you can bet there would be plenty of #MTAfails, especially it being early morning on a weekend going to Brooklyn!) I think this post title may be appropriate…I do intend to get to sleep relatively early tonite, hopefully there will be nothing on TV to suck me in and keep me awake!!

So I feel pretty much ready to roll.  Did my last short run yesterday (4 miles and change on the bridle path w/ strides at the end.)  Got my bib (yellow-not surprising, I’m sure it’s gonna be a stacked/crowded race) and tech shirt!!  (pretty nice one too-short sleeve, really like the color and design.)

As for the weather…

Maybe a little warmer and humid than ideal, but still better than was originally anticipated.  (And I’m not sure this constitutes the “The weather forecast predicts a warm day” that NYRR says.)

And yes, I do have time goals, but I won’t say them right now-maybe they will be revealed in the post-race writeup.  I will say at the very least I want to erase the bad races I had in 2005 and 2006…reverse the course=reverse the curse, perhaps?


4 thoughts on “no sleep til brooklyn-redux

  1. Good luck, nyflygirl! Sleep tight, race well, and I’ll catch you at the finish!

  2. Good luck … I bagged BK and running a 5k on Sunday. I would say I’d be out on the course cheering, but that would be a bold lie. I’m not EVEN trying to be in BK at 7am coming from UES #MTAfail.

    Relax, have fun and you’ll have a great race!

  3. Best of luck tomorrow,something tells me you’ll”run this town”
    Go Get Em

  4. nice song 😉

    great race yesterday!!

    and apologies if i was the one who kept you up late w/ my im’s~

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