in transition

I guess thats how you can describe these last coupla weeks.  being in transition.  Work-wise, still trying to wrap my head around all the changes going on, trying to learn new things and get up to speed quickly enough while wrapping up current projects.  (Of course it would have helped if the departed were given more than a half hour to leave and actually allowed to help with transition, but whatever.)  So no real WTF moments this week, at least none I want to write about.

But lotsa “reply alls” flying around about Corporate Challenge T-shirt designs!  Yep, after 6 years we’re coming back to the always-crowded 3.5-mile race.  Actually, its sort of a good sign that people give a sh*t about what the t-shirts look like, interest was pretty lax in the past.  (though if it’s 90 degrees and humid, I will most likely have to make some adjustments to the shirt.)  Not sure who or how many people will be walking or running, all I know is my plan is to get there early, get a decent spot and race it.  I ran 27:40 back in 2006 and hope to improve on that, even a little bit…

But in order to get there, gotta work on my speed, no? 🙂  So I liked my trial workout with Urban Athletics so much that I did go ahead and sign up, and had my 2nd workout this past Tuesday.  3 x 1200m, varying terrains.  First one (5:04, 6:47 pace) was a straight shoot on that downhill mile 5 of Club Champs.  Second one (5:15, 7:02 pace) on a twistier course!  Third one (5:20, 7:09 pace), 2 laps of a rolling hills loop.  Felt good the whole time, had a great group of people to really work through the intervals with.  I know it may look like I went out too fast but I think the first repeat is deceiving, due to the mostly downhill nature.  And I never felt like I did after the first repeat of last week’s workout (where I went out too fast and felt it)-“ran within myself” the entire time, actually had enough left in the tank to negative split the last 1200.  Anyways, another good one and looking forward to many more 🙂

So no running Wednesday nite in order to rest the running muscles…instead did an abs class (which I’m still feeling now!) and a yoga class (which did incorproate a lot of ab work too)  And in the latter class, thats where I viewed what can only be a “gym attire WTF moment.”  Please, please, everyone.  I’m begging you…do NOT, I repeat DO NOT show up to the gym wearing tight shorts that are so threadbare-and with holes in a certain area…especially if u are not wearing underwear and everyone can see your “Britney” (or “Snooki“, as someone else I know likes 😛 )  Scary.

Thankfully changing the subject-again, Brightroom only seems to get pics of me when I look like crap :-p  Hence the multitude of pics from Sunday’s monsoon.  Here are some of the top picks:

are we there yet?

paceleaders in sync.

all smiles. maybe because i'm done.


5 thoughts on “in transition

  1. It doesn’t seem that you’ve gotten lost in this process. It’s often hard to find the line between running speedwork within yourself and going that little bit too fast. That’s a tough workout — 3 X 1200 — and there’s no point in being wasted afterward. Just comfortably dead.

    If those pictures are crappy, I’d love to see the good ones. And kudos for carrying the balloons for two hours.

    • oh believe me-and I’ve blogged about it before…I know that “racing” workouts is counterproductive…it doesn’t matter who “wins” the workout, but who “wins” on race day 🙂 And this particular workout was just tough enough but not too too much…good sign. And I’d prefer if Brightroom gets pics of me when I don’t look like a drowned fish! 😛 thx for the compliments.

  2. Ah c’mon,what’s work w/out a Work WTF moment!!
    W/ your Gym attire WTF moment I know why I don’t hit the gym!!
    Nice work on the 3×1,200m,keep up the good work

    • Actually, a coupla WTF moments happened after writing this post…which may or may not be featured in a future blog entry 😉 And I love how you’ve embraced the “Work WTF moments” on your blog too…ah, I’ve started another trend! 🙂

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