white wine workout

So sometime a coupla years ago, I remember a workout at the East 6th street track…and EG was there, albeit hungover.  Apparently too much red wine the night before?  Hence, we referred to this as her “red wine workout.”

So being that Thursday began with a killer hangover…I had a feeling my workout that evening would be a “white wine workout.”  Yep, after months away, I was gonna get back into speedwork, and in fact…was trying out Urban Athletics’ speedwork.  (great way to make a first impression for me…right? 😛 )

So as I had “RSVPed” for a trial workout, I had a heads up of what it would be in advance, and in fact I even had it planned out for me based on my recent race times-talk about efficiency?  The plan for me?  6 x 600 in 2:39 each…easy peasy, right?

the damage from the evening 🙂

Wow-it’s amazing how you lose your sense of pace from being away from speedwork for so long-as I went out a wee bit fast…2:29.  Me and one other girl who I was working together with knew we needed to dial it back…and worked well to bang out 4 very consistent repeats-three 2:34s and a 2:35.  Still a little faster than planned, but I liked the consistency.  But boy, I was starting to feel the effects of the white wine, and I felt it even more on the last repeat.  But I was still able to close strong with another 2:29!  Lotsa high fives and “good jobs” all around-had a really nice group that nite.

All in all, I felt this was the perfect “comeback” workout for me, and believe me it felt good to be back.  And I really liked the vibe I got from this group and the workout, came out of it feeling really positive…moreso than others I’ve attended before for the first time.  Sooo…does that mean I found my group, will I be back?  It just very well may be…stay tuned 😉


One thought on “white wine workout

  1. this is just like my “powered by bubbly” run yesterday 😉

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