nobody’s safe

We all thought last year would be the last of it.  We thought wrong.

There is just something so surreal about your manager calling you and telling you that she had just been laid off.  I thought she was joking, but this time it was no joke.   She was part of a round of layoffs that happened two days ago, this time bigger than the last.  Yep, there be changes going on, a little reorg going on.  And being that my manager was one of the hardest and best workers in the company, that move shocked a lot of people (within the company and outside the company!)  She’s actually fine with it, a little relieved in fact, and i know wherever she goes will be lucky to have her.  As for me-the division that I was it is sorta getting phased out…meaning I’m moved to another division which I actually did already have one foot in.  I think this just may work out.  But I know everyone is a little paranoid, and for good reason…if a company is willing to let go of one of their strongest workers…then nobody is safe.

me and runner26, socializing flyers-style

So, not surprisingly, I tied one on a little bit at last nite’s Flyers social.  Yeah, I needed some fun and socializing and it did not disappoint-we had a great turnout (I think everyone misses our happy hours!)  But boy I think I may have gone a little overboard with the white wine because I definitely felt it today.  I sorta blame Flyer AP for trying to get me drunk 😛  But yeah…I woke up with a lovely hangover, which I was still feeling while doing speedwork this evening (more to come about that in another post).  Guess I’m taking it easy til the weekend 🙂


5 thoughts on “nobody’s safe

  1. There are worse things you could have awakened with. I hope things settle down.

    • oh I’m aware. I honestly was more shocked than anything else-like I said, a lot of people did not see this coming. And I do think some good will come out of me switching divisions…some headaches I can get rid of 🙂

  2. That’s a real bummer, but great that you are so positive about switching divisions. Getting a little crazy every now and then – its a good thing. 🙂

    • yeah…i know the transition period is gonna be tough-seeing current projects through to completion plus figuring out some knowledge on my new projects which left with the canned ones…but i think in the long run (ha ha) just may be OK.

  3. you and me both re: the “lovely hangover” on thurs 😉

    bummer about the layoffs. it’s a volatile time right now ~

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