the latest dilemma…

So this upcoming weekend, since I am not going to be in Boston, I wanted to do a short local race around here to hopefully run well and make me feel better about myself.  And a few weeks ago, I had decided on the JFK Runway 5K on Sunday…I’ve heard it’s a fun race…flat, fast, running on the runway is unique…so why not?

But family obligations are throwing a wrench into things.  I don’t want to go into detail, but I’ll say it’s something I absolutely cannot miss.  And unfortunately I didn’t find out until after I plunked down the $$ for race entry that there would be a conflict.  Maybe there is a possibility I could still run it…but only if I could meet up with them in Queens by 11:30.  Race starts at 9, I’d be done by 9:30…but it’s kind of a remote location, mass-transit wise. (MTAfail, anyone?)  And I’d need to shower and stuff.  So it may be cutting it close…

Now on the other hand-the Run for the Parks 4-miler is on also on Sunday.  It’s early (8 am) and local…could probably be home by 9 if I don’t stick around afterwards.  But also something interesting about this race-it’s on April 18th.  On April 18, 2004-I ran my first NYRR race-what was then the Niketown Run for the Parks 4-miler.  So maybe running this one will be symbolic in a way…like coming full circle.

So what do I do?  Run the 5K at JFK with the flat course and hopefully a chance of hardware but more stress about meeting up with the family afterwards?  Or run the NYRR race on a course I’d done before and no chance of hardware but less of a conflict?


And to inject a little bit of humor in here…just another “WTF” work moment.  Seems like there have been more and more internal meetings which just seem extraneous and keep us from actually doing our job!  Next thing I know, there are going to be meetings to decide when to have meetings.

And good to know one of my colleagues has a sense of humor…as I got this meeting request in my inbox today:

And when I read it, I was laughing so hard I was crying.  Ahhh…it’s just so “Office Space!” 🙂


8 thoughts on “the latest dilemma…

  1. Emm race/family conflict…been there was all scheduled to fly to Oregon to run at famed Haywards Fields and cross another one off my”running to do list” in June till my sister and bro in law announced they’d be in Philly at that time……Haywards Field isn’t going anywhere,there’s always next year{hopefully!}
    I’m big on symbolism so IMHO do the Niketown 4 miler like you said you’ll have come full circle.
    Gotta work a work “WTF”moment into my blog this week……..too much other stuff going on this week so far but w/ a non discript 6 miler on tap tonite I’ll have ample time to go there.
    Good luck w/ the Niketown 4 miler if that’s what you run….or good luck w/ the 5k on Saturday and handling any fall out from that…..isn’r running meant to reduce not induce stress???….WTF!

  2. OMG, we have meetings about meetings all the time and I want to pull my hair out!!! My new mission at work is to cut out meetings almost entirely and especially those that drone on and on, extended already unnecessary mtgs.

    “PC Load Letter”? “What the f#@$ does that mean?” 🙂

    • LOL-glad you appreciated that 🙂 I used to only have a meeting once every 2 weeks, but now that i’m doing work for another group in the company, the internal meetings are getting out of hand. Client meetings, I don’t mind so much as they are usually productive and it’s good to meet them face-to-face.

      Oh and I always have to make sure I’m using the right cover for my TPS….I mean PDF reports 😛

  3. Just FYI — I ran the JFK race last year and while it is great fun, it is also, as you noted, in a remote location. The actual race start itself is about a 20-minute shuttle bus ride away from the check-in area, so you have to factor that into your commute time. And if you do place (I placed in my age group last year and I normally have ZERO chance of that happening in any NYRR event), you have to wait around a loooong time before the awards ceremony (at least it felt like that last year).

    • Yeah, I had already done the research on all the transportation logistics…knew it would be cutting it close. Of course, if I had nothing else to do on Sunday, it wouldn’t have been so bad. And one of the reasons why I had been eyeing this one was because of based on past results, I had a very good chance of placing…guess there’s no point if I can’t attend the actual awards ceremony…
      Guess there’s always next year…thanks for the info! 🙂

  4. Meetings to discuss meetings. Story of my life. Haha.
    Miss Brave is right. The year I placed it took a long time for everything to take place after the race is done. Go with nostalgia this time.

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