nyc half-marathon: from the water tables

So as I had so much fun last year volunteering for the NYC Half-Marathon, of course I had to do it again!!  (And I am not even getting my “+1” volunteer credit and I did it anyway, so that shows how much I liked it! 🙂 )  And luckily, the weather looked like it was gonna be perfect…not just for the runners, but for the spectators too!!  And you know how March can really be a wild card with the weather too…

pouring gatorade like it was my job...oh yeah, it was! 🙂

And once again, I decided “screw the MTA” and ran down to Canal St, where we were being stationed…c’mon, what are the chances of the subways being dependable at 6:30 am?  And it was a great morning to run.  So I got down to Canal St…and it looked like because of the course changes this year, the Flyers’ water/Gatorade station was past the 20K points, whereas last year it was in between miles and 11 and 12, i think?  I guess they had to keep the station there since the fire hydrant which we used to fill up the water and Gatorade was there, even though it doesn’t make that much sense to have a water table in the last mile.  Guess we may not have to worry about running out of water?

So we kept filling and filling til we couldn’t fill anymore and then was time to watch for the leaders.  The DJ once again was playing really good music…looked like the 80s were the theme for the day!!  And was getting into it…singing and dancing…of course 🙂  And so we were wondering…who were the leaders gonna be?  Haile and Deena?  Were course records gonna fall today, as the weather was perfect for it?  And as it was revealed…Haile unfortunately had to DNF, Deena was leading in the early miles but was approaching the finish desperately trying to hold on to second…and the course record only fell on the women’s side.

And of course, the early runners didn’t stop as they passed by the table (honestly, I don’t think I would with less than a mile to go, unless I really, really needed it…)   But eventually, our table had paying customers.  Well not really “paying”, but you know what I mean 🙂  Everyone was just having fun…especially the 2 young kids of Flyer (and b-day boy!) AP…everyone loved taking the cups from those 2!  (oh, to be young again…LOL!)   Once again,  I just kept handing out cup after cup after cup of Gatorade with a smile for all the runners. And of course, cheered for Flyers and other friends that I saw run by.  (though I think I may have missed more than I saw 😦 )  And sang along to the DJ’s music (songs that stood out in my mind were “Don’t You Want Me” and “Holiday”.)

the finish line by chambers street

And unlike last summer, the West Side Highway did NOT look like a death march this time around!!  What a difference 30 degrees makes, right?  Before we knew it, we saw the headlights of the sweep bus…wow, did 3 hours go by so quickly?  And we were not even close to running out of water!!   I did sorta feel bad for those who were behind the sweep bus and were forced onto the sidewalks (not sure if they were allowed to finish?)  Man…so close yet so far!!

So the work was done, time to have some fun…so headed to Urban Athletics for a little post-race party…some shopping (scored a few running tops with a discount), some beer (mmm…Coronas), some freebies (won a Timex sports watch in a raffle!) and some good company 😉  Thanks UA, for another great post-party…

And no rest for the weary today…I would have loved to have gone home and napped, but I had to go back out for some March Madness watching (although my bracket was toast the day before!)  What a Sunday funday…and I definitely slept like a baby that night!!

(BTW-here is a link to a great roundup of NYC half blog posts…written by one who ran the race, and ran well!)  Congrats to everyone who ran Sunday…saw a lot of great races out there!!


One thought on “nyc half-marathon: from the water tables

  1. Very cool! Great job supporting running 😀

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